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For International Students

For International Students

H1B Database

The H1B databases contain listings of employers who have recently filed the appropriate paperwork to sponsor an international person for an H1B visa. This is a starting point for you to determine which employers may be willing to sponsor your visa.

Access to these databases are free to all current OU students. Oakland University has access to the following H1B Visa databases:

BUSI-H1B - Business
CS-H1B - Computer Science
ENGR-H1B - Engineering

For access, send an e-mail to with a subject of "H1B Visa Database Access" in the body of the message. Include your name, major and net ID.

Please note: Credentials to the web site will only be sent to an domain. It may take up to 48 hours to process your request, and there is no guarantee that this job will be available or that this employer will sponsor you.