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Orientation & New Student Programs
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Course Placement & Testing

Some general courses at Oakland, including mathematics, modern languages and writing and rhetoric, require students to take placement exams or to meet certain criteria. New students are strongly encouraged to complete necessary placement exams prior to attending orientation. 
All new students are placed into a mathematics class based on their SAT or ACT Math subscore. Please review the chart below to determine your math placement.

 Your Math Subscore

Pass Math Placement Test

 Your Math Placement 

SAT: 0-430

ACT: 0-17

E MTH 0661* (Elementary Algebra) OR
 MTH 1118 (Mathematical Sciences in the Modern World) 

SAT: 440-510

ACT: 18-21

I MTH 0662* (Intermediate Algebra) OR
 MTH 1118 (Mathematical Sciences in the Modern World) 

SAT: 520-630

ACT: 22-27

R MTH 1118 (Mathematical Sciences in the Modern World) OR 
 MTH 1221 (Linear Programming, Elementary Functions) OR
 MTH 1441 (Precalculus) OR
 MTE 2110 (Numerical Structures) OR  
 STA 2220 (Intro to Statistical Concepts and Reasoning) 

SAT: 640-800

ACT: 28 or above

C MTH 1118 (Mathematical Sciences in the Modern World) OR 
 MTH 1221 (Linear Programming, Elementary Functions) OR
 MTH 1222 (Calculus for Social Sciences) OR 
 MTH 1554 (Calculus I) OR
 MTE 2110 (Numerical Structures) OR  
 STA 2220 (Intro to Statistical Concepts and Reasoning) OR
 STA 2221 (Intro to Statistical Methods) OR
 STA 2222 (Statistical Methods for Biology)

* No more than 16 credits in courses numbered 0050-0099 may count toward graduation requirements. 


Math Placement Testing

Students who have not taken the SAT or ACT or who feel their Math subscore does not reflect their current abilities, should take a Math Placement Test prior to orientation.  There are two ways to take the placement test:

  1. The math placement test is offered year-round, with no appointment necessary, Monday through Friday from 8-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. in the Mathematics and Science Center, Room 368. You should set-up your OU email address and password prior to taking the test, bring your grizzly ID number to the test and allow one hour to take the test and receive your results. For more information, contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at (248) 370-3430.
  2. If you are a new first-year student attending a one-day New Student Orientation program in May, June or August, you can take the test in the Oakland Center at 7:30 a.m. on the day of your scheduled orientation.  For students attending the overnight orientation, you will be able to take the test on the morning of day two of your scheduled orientation.

For more information on Math placement and prerequisites, visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics website.

Oakland University has a language requirement for all students as a part of the general education curriculum. Students who have taken a college-level language class at an accredited institution have satisfied this requirement. Students needing the language placement exam are those who have no previous college coursework in a language, but who have prior high school coursework in Chinese French, German or Spanish and who intend to satisfy the language requirement by continuing in this language. 

Students with no previous high school or college-level language experience do not need this test.

French, German, Chinese, or Spanish
If you took French, German, Chinese or Spanish in high school and wish to continue in that language at Oakland, take the  online placement exam  prior to orientation, using the password grizzlies1. Remember to bring a copy of your results with you to orientation. 

Japanese or Arabic
If you took Japanese or Arabic, contact the  Department of Modern Languages and Literature at (248) 370-2060 or visit O'Dowd Hall, Room 372.
Writing &

First Year Writing
Most students will complete the first-year requirement by taking WRT 1050 (Composition I) and WRT 1060 (Composition II). Based on early writing samples in their classes, some students may be recommended to take WRT 1000 (Supervised Study), which provides one-on-one supplemental writing instruction and may be recommended as a co-requisite for any course.

To fulfill Oakland University’s general education writing foundations requirement, students must complete WRT 1060 (Composition II) or its equivalent with a 2.0 or higher. 

Students are placed into the writing sequence with:

  • SAT Writing or Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scoreACT English subscore
  • OR ACT English subscore
  • OR Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam score
  • OR International Baccalaureate Extended Essay (IBEE) test grade
  • OR Transfer credits
  • OR Completion of ESL 0572: Writing and Sentence Structure or Academic Purposes III
WRT 1020 (Basic Writing)WRT 1050 (Composition I)WRT 1060 (Composition II)Writing Foundation Satisfied*
200-400 SAT Writing or Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score410-610 SAT Writing or Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score620-800 SAT Writing or Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scoreScore of 4 or 5 on AP English Language and Composition
1-15 ACT English subscore 16-27 ACT English subscore28-36 ACT English subscoreTest grade of >B on International Baccalaureate Extended Essay (IBEE)
18 or more transfer credits Score of 3 on AP English Language and Composition
3.6-4.0 grade in ESL 072

*Students receive four credits that satisfy the general education writing foundation requirement, equivalent to WRT 1060.

Students who do not have SAT or ACT scores and do not have prior coursework in writing should consult the Department of Writing and Rhetoric, O'Dowd Hall, Room 378, (248) 370-2746, for appropriate placement prior to registration.