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University Advancement

John Dodge House
507 Golf View Lane
Rochester, MI 48309-4488
(248) 370-4504
Fax: (248) 370-3182

Lyndsay Vincent, '18

Lyndsay Vincent wearing a graduation cap and gown standing in a hallway

The Elementary Education major learned to be a modern teacher in the Educational Resources Lab.

Livonia, MI

Elementary Education

Kappa Delta Pi – International Honor Society in Education
Past President, Founding Member, Alpha Eta Psi Chapter

Student Michigan Education Association

Girls on the Run of Greater Detroit

What are your plans after your graduation?
After graduation, I will be getting married! My wedding in August and following our wedding, my husband and I will be moving to Knoxville, where he is finishing his medical school coursework over the next year. While there, I plan to work full time in the local school district, as either a classroom teacher or interim substitute. After our time in Tennessee, we will be moving to Miami, Florida and then back home to Michigan. Once back in Michigan, I hope to be hired in a district that I can remain in long-term.

How did you fund your education? 
I paid for school with a combination of help from my parents, student loans, and an OU academic scholarship.

What donor funded resources did you utilize while you were on campus?
The Educational Resources Lab (ERL) was by far the greatest resource I utilized on campus! Not only did I have access to books, games, technology, and other teaching resources, I had access to the wonderful ERL staff, too! Barb was always quick to help me find a book for an assignment, Julie was always eager to answer any questions about our video assignments, and the whole ERL team was always nothing but friendly and helpful when I needed it most.

I feel like I am a better-prepared teacher because of the technology to which I had access while at OU.

Support the Educational Resources Lab

What is your fondest memory of OU and SEHS?
My fondest memory of OU - by far - is meeting my fiancé, Alex. We met during the first month of our freshman year and have been together ever since! I wouldn’t be where I am now if I had not met him, and I thank OU for bringing us together! I love that we have a shared college experience that we can always look back on happily. We both lived on campus, attended OU basketball games regularly, worked out at Campus Rec and had many runs on campus (where we both trained for our first big races - Alex's marathon and my half marathon), played IM sports, and even had our engagement photos taken at OU. We are both so proud to be Grizzlies!

My fondest memory of SEHS is the opportunity to become a founding member of OU's Kappa Delta Pi chapter back in 2015. I learned about the opportunity from the founding president, Karalin Czapski ('16). As a junior, I started as the organization's secretary and helped to induct our first class of new members. With Karie's guidance, I was able to take over as chapter president after her graduation. As chapter president, I inducted even more students, organized community service events, provided professional development, and helped our chapter to win its first award at the 2017 International Convocation in Pittsburgh. KDP at OU will always have a piece of my heart!

What is your advice to the next generation of students?
I think my best advice would be to choose a major that you love - even if that means changing your mind (sometimes more than once!). I changed my major 3 times before realizing I was meant to teach, and I couldn't be happier with my choice to enter the School of Education. Although changing my major was stressful, I knew that I was not going to be doing something I loved if I stuck with my previous choices. Even when it might feel like you're "stuck" in a particular major, at the end of the day you know what is right for you – not anyone else.

What do you love most about your career track?
I have always been struck by the saying, "teaching creates all other professions" and its one that has really helped me define myself as an educator. I love that as a teacher, I am helping my students become the amazing, powerful, smart individuals. Although I may only have them in my classroom for a year, I have the ability to teach them lessons, skills, and content that will prepare them for what lies ahead. It’s really amazing to think about, and I remind myself of this wonderful gift and responsibility quite often.

What was the best service OU provided to you while you were a student?
The best service provided to me was field placement! I cannot imagine where I would be as a future educator if I had not had the opportunity to work in the various schools I where I was placed. Each placement gave me real-world experience and the opportunity to try out what I was learning in the classroom. There is no way I could have organized such experiences on my own, and I will forever be grateful to OU for incorporating such extensive field placement services into their undergraduate program.

What makes you excited to be an OU alumna?
I'm honestly so proud to become an OU alumna. I love telling people where I go to school and love being able to show them all I've learned during my time at OU. The Education Program at OU is special – it’s looked upon so highly by other teachers, schools, administrators - and I am so excited to have completed such a program. I can't wait to join the network of Golden Grizzlies in the world of education and make my mark on the next generation of students in my classroom!