OU conference examines present and future of undergraduate research

OU conference examines present and future of undergraduate research
Undergraduate Research Conference
OU faculty, staff and students gathered in Oak View Hall on October 21 for a conference on undergraduate research.

Students, faculty and administrators gathered in Oak View Hall on Friday for a conference focused on undergraduate research at Oakland University and beyond. The Honors College and Michigan Center for Undergraduate Research at OU presented the event, entitled “Undergraduate Research: The Present and the Future.” 


Honors College Dean Graeme Harper kicked off the event with an overview of undergraduate research in the U.S. and abroad, noting OU’s strong commitment to engaging undergraduate students in research opportunities.


“There’s a heightened sense here of what undergraduate research does and what students gain from it,” Dean Harper said. “We have committed faculty who see undergraduate research mentoring as part of their job.”


The first talk, given by Dr. Robin Michel, Honors College faculty fellow, examined a myriad of topics, including the benefits of research opportunities for undergraduate students and how OU can increase its commitment to undergraduate research.


Greg Wilson, chair of the Council on Undergraduate Research, joined the event via Skype to discuss quality assurance and how universities assess learning outcomes for students engaged in undergraduate research.


Dr. David Stone, newly arrived associate vice president for research at OU, spoke about the nature of research and knowledge across academic disciplines. He added that he hopes to see an increase in federally funded undergraduate research at Oakland.


Other speakers throughout the day included Frank Giblin, director of the Eye Research Institute; Brad Roth, director of the Center for Biomedical Research; and Claudia Petrescu, dean of graduate education at Oakland.


Learn more about OU’s Honors College at oakland.edu/hc.

David Stone

Dr. David Stone, associate vice president for research, gave a presentation.

Undergraduate Research Conference

Conference attendees discussed various topics related to undergraduate research.