School of Music, Theatre
and Dance
Varner Hall, Room 207
371 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
Academic Office: (248) 370-2030
Box Office: (248) 370-3013
Fax: (248) 370-2041

Faculty and Staff

SMTD Administration
Academic LeadersTitle Contact
Jackie Wiggins, Ed.D.Distinguished Professor of Music
Founding Director, School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
(248) 370-2036
Kerro Knox 3, M.F.A.Associate Director, School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Associate Professor of Theatre
(248) 370-3025
Deborah VanderLinde, Ph.D.Chair, Department of Music
Associate Professor of Music
(248) 370-3022
Lynnae Lehfeldt, M.F.A.Co-Chair, Department of Theatre
Associate Professor of Theatre
(248) 370-2956
Karen Sheridan, M.F.A.Co-Chair, Department of Theatre
Professor of Theatre
(248) 370-2045
Gregory Patterson, M.F.A.Chair, Department of Dance
Associate Professor of Dance
(248) 370-3009
Office Staff 
Gillian EllisCommunications
(248) 370-3321
Jaime FinnOffice Assistant 
(248) 370-2035
Manjit GillBudget
(248) 370-2046
Muriel MaderAdministrative
(248) 370-2033
Elizabeth MedvinskyMusic Preparatory Division
(248) 370-2034
Recruitment and Outreach
Carly UhrigMarketing
(248) 370-2032
Production Staff
Joseph BeckTechnical 
Katherine BoersmaProduction and Facilities
(248) 370-3012
Shirleen DiFonzo Costume Shop Assistant 
Jenna Fiorini Production Office Assistant 
Megan HeraldAssistant Production and Facilities Manager
(248) 370-3012
Terry HeraldTechnical Coordinator, Sound Technician 
Christy HeussnerCostume Shop Assistant 
Christa Koerner Costume Shop
(248) 370-3011
Chad RasorAssistant Technical Director 
Emily HadickBox Office Manager
Collaborative Pianists
Laura BlanchardCollaborative Pianist for Musical
Vladimir KalmskyCollaborative Pianist for
Jennifer GosselinCollaborative Pianist accompanying Voice
Amanda Sabelhaus Collaborative Pianist accompanying
Mike ListCollaborative Pianist for Dance
Michael McCabeCollaborative Pianist for Dance
Cat MenziesCollaborative Pianist for Musical
Rudolf OzolinsCollaborative Pianist for Instrumental Music
Michael ShimminCollaborative Pianist for Dance
Julie SteinmayerCollaborative Pianist for Choral
I-Chen YehCollaborative Pianist for Instrumental Music
Coordinator of Instrumental Accompanying
Eun Young YooCollaborative Pianist accompanying
Tatyana ZutCollaborative Pianist accompanying
Stanley J. ZydekCollaborative Pianist accompanying Voice
Coordinator of Vocal Accompanying
Undergraduate Advisors
Jim BilinskiUndergraduate Academic Advisor
Matt PrenticeUndergraduate Academic
Music Ensemble Staff
Joan HovdaOrchestra Librarian, OSO
Sherri MartillaOrchestra Manager, OSO
Michele SorokaOrchestra Management
Name Title Contact Information
Deborah VanderLinde, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Music
Chair, Department of Music
Music Education Program Coordinator
(248) 370-3022 
Kerstin Allvin, M.M.Applied Instructor,
Amanda Blaikie, M.M.DSO Affiliate Applied Instructor, Flute 
Laura Blanchard, M.M.Lecturer,
Barbara Bland, M.M.Applied Instructor, Voice
(248) 370-4309
Miles Brown, D.M.A.Assistant Professor of
Regina CarterArtist-in-Residence, Jazz 
Jennifer Kincer Catallo, M.M.Special Lecturer, Music
Gregory Cunningham, Ed. D.Professor of Music
Instrumental Conducting
Instrumental Program Coordinator
(248) 370-3015
Dennis Curry, M.M.Applied Instructor, Carillon
Drake Dantzler, D.M.A.Associate Professor of Music
Applied Voice
Opera Program Coordinator
(248) 370-2042
Alta Dantzler, D.M.A.Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
Applied Voice
(248) 370-2943
Nadine DeLeury, M.M.Applied Instructor,
David Denniston, D.M.A.Applied Instructor,
Edith Diggory, D.M.A.Adjunct Assistant Professor, 
(248) 370-3019
Sean Dobbins, B.M.Applied Instructor, Jazz Percussion
Lecturer, Music
Stephen Eisenhard, B.M.Applied Instructor, Voice
Lecturer, Opera Workshop 
Patrick Fitzgibbon, M.M.Lecturer, Music
World Music
Nina Flanigan, M.A. Music Education Internship
Ben Fuhrman, D.M.A.Lecturer, Music
Music Technology and Composition
Scott Gwinnell, M.M.Lecturer, Music
Applied Instructor, Jazz Piano
John Hall, B.M.Applied Instructor,
Rebecca Happel, D.M.A.Applied Instructor, Piano
Lecturer, Music
(248) 370-4152
Jeffrey Heisler, D.M.A.Assistant Professor of Music
Applied Saxophone and Conducting
(248) 370-2871
Terry Herald, M.M.Lecturer, Music
Audio Technology
Melissa Hoag, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Music
Music Theory Program Coordinator
(248) 370-4153
Bret Hoag, M.M.Applied Instructor, Guitar
Special Lecturer, Music
Sam JeyasingamApplied Instructor, Carnatic
Lois Kaarre, M.M.Special Lecturer, Music
Keyboard Classes
(248) 370-2913
David Kidger, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Music, Musicology
Music History Program Co-Coordinator
(248) 370-4308
Mark KiemeApplied Instructor, Jazz
Roman KosarevApplied Instructor,
Kenneth Kroesche, D.M.A.Associate Professor of Music
Applied Brass, Brass Band and Ensembles
Brass Program Coordinator
(248) 370-4303
James P. Lentini, D.M.A. Professor of Music
Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost 
Alan MacNair, M.A.Lecturer, Music 
Chamber Orchestra
Melissa Maloney, M.M.Applied Instructor, Voice
(248) 370-2943
Dan Maslanka, M.M.Applied Instructor, Percussion
Lecturer, Music 
Elizabeth Medvinsky, M.M.Lecturer, Music
Theory for Musical Theatre Majors
Timothy Michling, M.M. M.P.A.Applied Instructor, Oboe 
Zelijko (Bill) Milicevic, M.M.Lecturer, Music
Strings Pedagogy 
Stephanie Michaels, M.M.Applied Instructor, Voice 
Lecturer, Music
Michael Mitchell, D.M.A Doris & Paul Travis Professor of Music
Director of Choral Activities
(248) 370-2002
Stephen MolinaDSO Affiliate Applied Faculty, Classical Bass
Christopher Napier, M.M.Lecturer, Music
Brass Techniques
Brian Nutting, M.M.Lecturer, Music
Instrumental Music Education
Jessica Payette, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Music, Musicology 
Master's Program Coordinator
Music History Program Co-Coordinator
(248) 370-3148
Diane RaymondMusic Education Internship
Elizabeth Rowin, M.M.Applied Instructor, Violin
Chamber Music 
John Rutherford, M.M. Applied Instructor, Jazz Trombone  
Marcus Schoon, M.M. DSO Affiliate Applied Faculty, Bassoon
Lecturer, Music
Woodwind Techniques 
Joseph Shively, Ed.D.Associate Professor of Music Education
Doctoral Program Coordinator
(248) 370-2287
Victoria Shively, M.M.Special Lecturer, Music 
Music Theory and History, Opera Coach
(248) 370-3321
Gordon Simmons Applied Instructor, Trumpet 
Michele Soroka, M.M. Special Lecturer, Music 
Music Theory
(248) 370-2039
Sharon Sparrow, M.M. DSO Affiliate Applied Faculty, Flute
Anthony Stanco, M.M.Applied Instructor, Jazz Trumpet 
George Stoffan, D.M.A.Associate Professor of Music
Applied Clarinet, Chamber Music
Coordinator, Wind Program, Strings Program
(248) 370-2038
Mark Stone, M.M.Associate Professor of Music
World Percussion Performance
Coordinator, World Music & Percussion 
Kristen Tait, D.M.A. Special Lecturer, Music
Music for the Non-Major
Jeremy Tarrant, M.M.Applied Instructor, 
Tian Tian, D.M.A.Assistant Professor of Music
Piano Performance and Pedagogy
Carly Uhrig, M.A. Lecturer, Music
Foundations of Rock
(248) 370-2032
Nadine Washington, M.M.Applied Instructor, Voice (248) 370-2038 
John-Paul White, Perf. Cert. Professor of Music
Voice Program Coordinator
(248) 370-2040
Phyllis White, Ph.D.Special Lecturer, Music 
Music for the Non-Major 
Jackie Wiggins, Ed. D.Distinguished Professor of Music Education
Department Chair
Doctoral Program Coordinator
(248) 370-2030
Spiros Xydas, Ph.D.Lecturer, Music 
Instrumental Music Education 
I-Chen Yeh, D.M.A. Applied Instructor, Piano
Coordinator of Instrumental Accompanying
Jeffery Zook, M.M. DSO Affiliate Applied Faculty, Flute 
Collaborative Pianists 
Rudolf OzolinsCollaborative Pianist for Instrumental Music
Amanda SabelhausCollaborative Pianist accompanying
Julie SteinmayerCollaborative Pianist for Choral
I-Chen YehCollaborative Pianist for Instrumental Music
Coordinator of Instrumental Accompanying
Eun Young YooCollaborative Pianist accompanying
Tatyana ZutCollaborative Pianist accompanying
Stanley J. ZydekCollaborative Pianist accompanying Voice
Coordinator of Vocal Accompanying
Opera Production Support 
Joseph BeckSet
Jeremy BarnettSet
Kerro Knox 3Lighting
Christa KoernerCostume
Music Preparatory Division 
Elizabeth Medvinsky,
Name Title Contact Information
Lynnae Lehfeldt, M.F.A. Co-Chair, Department of Theatre
Associate Professor of Theatre 
Stage Voice, Acting
(248) 370-2956
Karen Sheridan, M.F.A. Co-Chair, Department of Theatre
Professor of Theatre
Acting Program Coordinator
Acting, Directing
(248) 370-2045 
Jeremy Barnett, M.F.A.Assistant Professor of Theatre
Theatre Design and Technology Program Coordinator
Scenic Design
(781) 910-7759
Joseph Beck, M.F.A.Technical Director
Lecturer, Theatre
Laura BlanchardVocal coach
Collaborative Pianist for Musical Theatre
Don Brewer, B.F.A.Lecturer, Musical
Rick Carver, B.A.Lecturer, Theatre 
Acting, Mime 
Jamie ClausiusLecturer, Theatre
Sarah de Tute, M.F.A.Assistant Professor of Theatre
Musical Theatre
(248) 370-2999
Shirleen DiFonzoCostume Shop Assistant
Lecturer, Theatre
Costume Construction
Kitty Dubin, M.A.Lecturer, Theatre
Michael DuncanLecturer, Theatre
Sound Design
Dana Gamarra, B.F.A. Lecturer, Theatre
Stage Management 
Milica Govich, M.F.A.Special Lecturer, Theatre
Acting Coach
Acting for the Camera 
David Gram, M.F.A.Assistant Professor of Theatre
Acting, Directing
Anthony Guest, M.F.A.Associate Professor of Theatre
Acting, Directing
(248) 370-3023
Beth Guest, M.F.A.Lecturer, Theatre 
Musical Theatre History
Phill Harmer, B.A.Lecturer, Theatre
Stage Combat
Christy HeussnerCostume Shop Assistant
Lecturer, Theatre
Costume Construction
Jake Hooker, MPhilSpecial Lecturer, Theatre
Theatre History, Directing
Christa Koerner, M.F.A.Costume Shop Supervisor
Lecturer, Theatre
Costume Construction
Kerro Knox 3, M.F.A. Associate Director, School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Doris & Paul Travis Associate Professor of Theatre

Lighting Design, History
(248) 370-3025
Leslie Littell, M.A.Special Lecturer, Theatre
Costume Design
(248) 370-4577
Fred Love, M.M.Associate Professor of Theatre
Musical Theatre Program Coordinator
Musical Theatre
(248) 370-3010
Thomas Mahard, B.A.Special Lecturer, Theatre 
Theatre for Non-Majors 
Cat Menzies, B.M.Vocal Coach
Collaborative Pianist for Musical Theatre
Chad RasorAssistant Technical Director
NameTitle Contact Information 
Gregory Patterson, M.F.A.Chair, Department of Dance
Associate Professor of Dance
Artistic Director, Patterson Rhythm Pace
(248) 370-3009
Angela Austin, M.F.A.Lecturer, Dance
Modern, Ballet
Debi Bernstein-Siegel, M.A. Lecturer, Dance 
Dance for Non-Majors 
Rebecca Crimmins, B.A.Lecturer, Dance
(248) 370-3024
Jennifer Harge, M.F.A.Lecturer, Dance
Modern, Choreography
Thayer Jonutz, M.F.A.Doris & Paul Travis Associate Professor of Dance
Director, OU Repertory Dance Company
Co-Director/Co-Founder of Take Root
(248) 370-2804
Elizabeth Kattner, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Dance
Dance History and Dance in Culture
Dance Education Program Coordinator
(248) 370-2917
Melanie King McGray, M.F.A.Lecturer, Dance
Amanda LehmanLecturer, Dance
Dance for Musical Theatre
Roberta Lucas, M.A.Special Lecturer in Dance Education
Stephanie Pizzo, B.A. Special Lecturer in Dance
Artistic Director, Eisenhower Dance
Liz Riga, M.F.A.Lecturer,
Christina Tasco Special Lecturer in Dance 
Director, Oakland Dance Theatre 
Ali Woerner, M.F.A. Associate Professor of Dance
Co-Director/Co-Founder of Take Root
(248) 370-3604
Production Staff 
Jeremy BarnettSet
Joseph BeckSet Construction
Kerro KnoxLighting
Christa KoernerCostume
Dance Accompanists 
Vladimir KalmskyAccompanist for
(248) 370-2049
Mike ListAccompanist for Dance
Michael McCabeAccompanist for
Michael ShimminAccompanist for Dance (Percussion)
Music Preparatory
NameExpertiseContact Information 
Deborah VanderLinde, Ph.D.Music Program Director
(248) 370-3022
Elizabeth Medvinsky, M.M. Music Preparatory Division Director
(248) 370-2034
Dorina Baciu,
Caitlyn BrambleEarly Childhood 
Viorica Burca, 
Dennis Curry,
Nadine DeLeury, M.M. Cello
Dave Denniston, D.M.A. French Horn 
Yevgenya Derian, M.M.Piano
(313) 590-4748
Sean Dobbins, B.M. Jazz Percussion 
Patrick Fitzgibbon, M.M. Percussion 
Ben Fuhrman, D.M.A.Composition and Music
Melanie Godo, B.M. Flute 
Scott Gwinnell, M.M.Jazz Piano 
John Hall, B.M.Guitar 
Rebecca Happel,
Jeffrey Heisler,
Halla Hilborne, 
Bret Hoag, M.M. Guitar
(248) 622-3519
Sunkyeung Hong, M.M. Piano
(248) 761-6051
David Johnson, B.M.Guitar
(586) 610-0283
Lois Kaarre,
Joshua Kolpak,
Shinko Kondo, Ph.D.Beginning
(248) 462-2726 
Kim Louden, B.M. Voice
(248) 227-6372
Dan Maslanka, M.M.Percussion
(586) 264-5326
Maggie McKelveyPiano
Blair Mellow,
Tim Michling,
Leslie Naeve, M.M. Voice
(586) 770-1504
Chris Napier, M.M. Trumpet
(586) 662-0582
Heather Neuenschwander, M.M. Flute 
Milan PuscasCello
Anamarie Sabbagh, M.B.A.Early 
Alex Sellers, B.M.Saxophone 
Nicole Shogren, M.M. Cello 
(248) 840-1409
Michele Soroka,
George Stoffan, D.M.A. Clarinet 
Mark Stone, M.M. World Percussion
(248) 370-2044
Judith A. Teasdle, M.M.Violin/Viola 
Chris Wheeler, 
I-Chen Yeh,
Tai Yeung,
Jocelyn Zelasko,
Alexandra Zetye,
Jazz StudiesMark
 World Music StudiesMark
BAMusicMelissa Hoag, Jessica Payette, Mark,,
Instrumental PerformanceJeff Heisler, Ken Kroesche, George,,
BMPiano Performance and PedagogyTian
BMVoice PerformanceJohn-Paul White, Drake,
BMChoral Music EducationMike Mitchell, Deb,
BMInstrumental Music EducationJoe
BMGeneral Music EducationDeb
MMChoral ConductingMike
MMInstrumental ConductingGreg
MMInstrumental PerformanceJeff Heisler, Ken Kroesche, George,,
MMPiano Performance & Piano PedagogyTian
MMVoice Performance & Vocal PedagogyDrake Dantzler, John-Paul,
MMWorld Music PerformanceMark
MMMusic EducationJoe Shively, Deb,
PhDMusic EducationJoe Shively (Wiggins, W18),
transfersTheatreDavid Gram (for BA and BFA acting students)
BFAActingTony Guest (David Gram cover W18),
BFAMusical TheatreFred Love & Sarah de
BFATheatre Design & TechnologyJeremy Barnett (Kerro Knox, W18),
BA, BFA, & minorsDance and Dance EducationLiz Kattner, Greg Patterson, Thayer Jonutz, Ali,,,
David DanielsProfessor Emeritus of Music 
John Dovaras Professor Emeritus of Music 
Laurie Eisenhower Professor Emerita of Dance 
Robert Facko Professor Emeritus of Music 
Michael GillespieProfessor Emeritus of Theatre 
Adeline G. Hirschfeld-MedaliaProfessor Emerita of Theatre
Marvin D. HolladayProfessor Emeritus of Music
Flavio VaraniProfessor Emeritus of Music