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Government and industry leaders glean ideas at OU Faculty Research Expo

Congressman Bishop Speaking

U.S. Congessman Mike Bishop speaks to the crowd at the Faculty Research Expo.

icon of a calendarOctober 22, 2018

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Government and industry leaders glean ideas at OU Faculty Research Expo
Research Expo Congressman Bishop Speaking

On Friday, October 19, the Oakland University School of Engineering and Computer Science hosted an expo showcasing faculty research in the areas of Data Analytics and Cyber Security, Autonomous Systems and Technology, Power and Energy, and Advanced Manufacturing.   

Senator Debbie Stabenow, Mike Dahl and Professor Dan Delvescovo

From left: Mechanical Engineering Professor Dan Delvescovo, Mike Dahl, from FCA, and Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Mike Bolon, chair of the Research Committee and retired Senior Vice President from General Dynamics Land Systems, spearheaded the event, calling it a "conversation starter" between OU faculty researchers, and leaders in government and industry.

"The reason we're all here is that we understand that engineering is not a static field," he said. "In order to aspire to be the best, we always need to be pushing the frontiers of science and technology. This is the beginning of what we hope will be ongoing relationships between faculty and industry, and faculty and government about the next big things (in science and technology)."

Numerous guests from industry and government attended the event, including U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and Congressman Mike Bishop, who represents Michigan’s eighth congressional district, which includes a portion of Oakland University’s campus.

Many companies were represented at the event, including TARDEC, GM, FCA, Ford, Magna International, Pratt & Miller Engineering, AGS Automotive, and Intel.

Congressman Bishop and Professor Doug Zytko

From left: Computer Science and Engineering Professor Doug Zytko and Congressman Mike Bishop.

The event was intended to spotlight ways that Oakland University can partner with industry and government on a variety of science and engineering initiatives. Both Stabenow and Bishop lauded Oakland University as one of the state’s key assets in driving innovation and economic growth. 

“This economy has grown so fast that we're now in a situation where we have more jobs than people," Bishop said. “The only thing holding our economy back is (not having enough) people trained to do these jobs.”

Stabenow added, “I always say that we don’t have an economy unless somebody makes something or somebody grows something. But before we can make or grow something, somebody has to think of it, somebody has to design it, and to innovate it, and to move it forward. That’s really what you’re doing. You’re helping us go to the next level.” 

Louay Chamra, dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, also spoke at the event, noting that SECS graduates have a 99 percent job placement rate and that 97 percent of graduates are employed in Michigan.

A full listing of faculty research presentations displayed at the expo is available here.


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