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WISER (Women in Science, Engineering, and Research) focuses on recruitment, retention, and career development of faculty. Our impact and programming incorporate disciplines across campus. Situated within the scope of the Research Office, Dr. David Stone works closely with the WISER leadership team to support career development initiatives for faculty of all ranks.

WISER transitioned from the grant-funded WISE@OU project. WISE@OU was funded by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program through a Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation, and Dissemination (PAID) Grant (Award 1107072) from 2011 to 2016.

Updated for 2018!  Resources for Work-Life Satisfaction (Academic Human Resources + WISER) - email for a PDF copy of this brochure

WISER February 2018 Newsletter

Now on campus! Lactation rooms in 355A Pawley Hall, 256B Engineering Center, and 4080 Human Health Building.

  • Three private lactation rooms are available to provide a clean, secure, and comfortable environment for nursing mothers. The rooms are located at: 355A Pawley Hall, 256B Engineering Center, and 4080 Human Health Building. To access the PH room, get a key from Educational Resources Lab (350 PH) or Dean’s office (415 PH). Additional lactation rooms are expected to be added to campus soon.
  • More details from OU News.

WISER and the Research Office host events each Fall and Winter semester for faculty. We welcome all faculty to attend our events. 

Look for upcoming workshops in Fall 2018.

Soundings Series - find out more on the Soundings Series website!

  • More Soundings Series events coming in Fall 2018.


STEM Workshop Series (Hosted by CETL) - March 8 and March 28

Scientific Practices/ Applications for Transforming Undergraduate STEM Education (View recording and slides)

STEM and Education: Community Partnerships (View recording and slides)

#metoo: Challenges and Solutions - March 13 (co-hosted with Feminists of OU)

Women in STEM Event - April 4 (co-hosted with Feminists of OU)

NSF CAREER Award Discussion - April 18


WISER publishes a newsletter to highlight faculty achievements, broadcast our events, and distribute helpful tips and resources to faculty members. 

WISER Newsletter - February 2018

WISER Newsletter - September 2017


WISER is excited to share resources with faculty members. Here you can find helpful documents, tips for grants and awards, and other presentations. 

All About The Research Office! - Flier (updated March 2018)

Research Guide - coming in Fall 2018

Guide for STEM Faculty - updated for 2017-2018!

Resources for Work-Life Satisfaction (Academic Human Resources + WISER, updated 2018) - email for a PDF copy of this brochure

Career Trends: Developing Your Skills (ScienceCareers, AAAS, 2015)

Broader Impacts - Resources to Help with your Grant!

WISE@OU Resources (from 2011-2016)


WISE@OU (Women in Science and Engineering at Oakland University) was funded by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program through a Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation, and Dissemination (PAID) Grant (Award 1107072). WISE@OU focused on creating a comprehensive recruitment, retention, and career development program for women and under-represented populations in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This program was active from 2011 to 2016. In Fall 2016, the program transitioned to the Research Office and became WISER (Women in Science, Engineering, and Research).

WISE@OU’s program areas focused on:

  • Self-assessment – conducted a climate survey and focus groups to fully understand the campus culture and issues facing women and under-represented populations in STEM
  • Reform of our recruitment effort – promoted continuous wide-sweeping training of decision makers to raise their awareness of issues and provide them with tools to combat biases and address equity
  • Career development – adapted and implemented a portfolio of methods and tools to support career development of faculty in the STEM fields
  • Dissemination – shared our experiences, tools, and results to benefit (i) community and small colleges in Eastern Michigan and (ii) institutions whose politics and procedures are negotiated between the administration and faculty union

WISE@OU accomplishments:

  • Anti-bias training for search committees and faculty review committees
  • Family-friendly information for faculty and faculty candidates
  • Resources for new faculty
  • High-quality cohort mentoring program
  • Proactive pathway to grants program
  • Diverse faculty development workshops
  • Proactive nomination for internal and external awards
  • Development of mid-career faculty resources and workshops
  • Support and resources for department chairs and program directors
  • Dissemination to other 4-year institutions and to community college colleagues
  • Presentations at regional and national meetings
  • Publication of findings

The WISE@OU Leadership Team included:

  • Kathleen Moore (Arts and Sciences, Chemistry)
  • Joi Cunningham (Academic Human Resources, previously Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives)
  • Laila Guessous (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Brad Roth (Physics)
  • Julie Walters (Political Science)
  • Jo Reger (Women & Gender Studies, Sociology)
  • Previous member: Fatma Mill (Computer Science & Engineering, now at Purdue University)

Staff support was provided by Leanne DeVreugd, who now coordinates the WISER program.

The WISE@OU Internal Advisory Committee provided guidance in the early years of the grant program. Committee members included:

  • Hoda Abdel-Aty-Zohdy (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Ferman Chavez (Chemistry)
  • Jia Li (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Gerard Madlambayan (Biological Sciences)
  • Debra McGinnis (Psychology)
  • Dawn Pickard (Teacher Development and Educational Studies)
  • Phyllis Rooney (Philosophy)
  • Mohammad Siadat (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Anna Spagnuolo (Mathematics and Statistics)

WISE@OU was also guided by an external advisory group consisting of ADVANCE leaders from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Wayne State University, Michigan State University, and the University of Northern Colorado/Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences.