robot on wheels with eyes and crab claws and legs

Maker's Club

The future is now, as student engineers, artists, designers, programmers and makers or all kinds work together on projects through this unique multidisciplinary club at Oakland University.

Maker’s Club invites students to collaborate on such projects as robots, interactive games and kinetic sculptures.

Makers’ Club began in the School of Engineering and Computer Science and has expanded to include the Department of Art and the Department of Chemistry. Students use such technologies as microcontrollers, camera vision, 3D printing and laser cutting. Students learn these skills together, as a supportive community- no experience needed to join!

Maker’s Club is looking for creative, hard-working, community-minded people who want to make innovative projects. All Oakland University students are welcome. Club projects are showcased every year at Maker Faire Detroit, an international event held at the Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI each July, where the club received two “Maker of Merit” awards in July 2017.


Maker Faire Detroit
July 28-29, 2018

Contact Us

To learn more about the OU Makers Club, or to find out how to join, contact faculty adviser Khalid Mirza, Ph.D. at (248) 835-0744 or