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Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Engineering Sciences

Engineering Sciences


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Bioengineering, is an emerging interdisciplinary field that is based on the increasing symbiosis between the biological sciences and engineering disciplines. Evolution in engineering technology and scientific knowledge resulted in new specializations in the workforce, including bioinformatics, computational biology, biomedical imaging, bio-instrument and sensor technology, tissue engineering, bionics, genetic engineering, and MEMS-based diagnosis and drug delivery. Training in Engineering Biology provides the necessary foundations in the life sciences and in engineering, along with more focused training in one of five areas of specialty.

The program in engineering biology, offered jointly by the School of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Arts and Sciences, leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. It combines training in biology with depth in either computation or engineering.

Major Requirements

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Ching L. Ko, Ph.D.
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The Bachelor of Science in engineering chemistry is intended for well-qualified students who seek a basic preparation in engineering along with a highly professional chemistry program. This program is offered in cooperation with the School of Engineering and Computer Science. It provides for intensive study in Chemistry as well as Fluid Engineering and Thermal Science for practical chemical and engineering applications in industries.

Engineering chemists work with raw materials to produce valuable products, including pharmaceuticals and “green” fuels. They also find ways to better clean up toxic spills or make food production safer. Engineering chemists different from all other engineers because they bring forward chemical solutions to engineering problems. Their expertise is most often applied to environmental development, in the design of processes and in the design of electronic and structural materials.
Major Requirements

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The program in engineering physics is offered jointly by the School of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Arts and Sciences. This program blends the pure and applied, the theoretical and practical aspects of scientific knowledge into a meaningful educational experience. Through the university’s cooperative education program, engineering physics students may opt to combine a relevant work experience with their formal education.