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General Information

Faculty Resources


If you are seeking a leave of absence please notify your Department Chair/Program Director, Dean's Office and Academic Human Resources for information relating to the type of leave seeking.

Beginning with  sabbatical applications for Fall 2021 we are using Digital Measures, a new faculty activity reporting system. If you are applying for a half year  sabbatical Fall 2021 or a full year half pay sabbatical beginning Fall 2021 please complete the Sabbatical Application Request. An application form will be sent to you. 

Fall 2021 applications are due to the department chair or dean in units without a chair by January 4, 2021.

Sick and Family Medical Leave Information for full-time faculty


Faculty interested in phased retirement can refer to paragraph 134 of the Faculty Agreement for eligibility and other guidance.

Steps for requesting a phased retirement:

  1. Eligible faculty member who wants to request a phased retirement will first meet with their department chair to discuss the possibility of phased retirement and what options would work for both the faculty member and the department.
  2. After meeting the with department chair the faculty member will draft a written request for the phased retirement. The request shall include the start date (semester & year) for the phased retirement and anticipated retirement date. It must include the percentage in work reduction during the phased retirement period and any other requests.
  3. The faculty member will send the request for phased retirement to the department chair and Dean for review.
  4. The department chair and Dean will review and make a recommendation to AHR.
  5. AHR will review and make a decision. Notification of decision will be sent to faculty member, department chair and Dean.


  1. Is there a deadline to apply for phased retirement?
    While there is no official deadline we recommend that you apply no later than three months prior to the start date of the phased retirement period being requested, to accommodate course scheduling.
  2. How do I find out my phased retirement benefit options?
    Contact the Benefits Office at 248-370-4207 or
Chair List

College of Arts & Sciences
Art & Art HistoryStephen
Biological SciencesDouglas
Communication & JournalismKathy
Mathematics & StatisticsAnna
Modern Languages & LiteraturesStephen
Political SciencePeter
Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Social WorkJo
TheatreJeremy Barnett,
Writing & RhetoricPending
Women & Gender StudiesAmi
International StudiesPaul
Religious StudiesHenri
School of Business Administration
Accounting & FinanceLiang
Decision & Information StudiesVijayan
Management & MarketingJanell
School of Education & Human Services
Teacher Development & Educational StudiesCynthia
Human Development & Child StudyDarlene
Reading & Language ArtsS. Rebecca
Organizational LeadershipEileen
School of Engineering & Computer Science
Computer Science & EngineeringLunjin
Electrical & Computer EngineeringOsamah
Industrial & Systems EngineeringRobert Van
Mechanical Engineering Brian
School of Health Sciences
Human Movement ScienceDeb
Clinical Diagnostic SciencesSumit
Interdisciplinary Health SciencesAmanda
Public & Environmental WellnessBecca
School of Nursing
Kresge Library
Amanda Nichols
OUWB School of Medicine
Eye Research Institute

Oakland University is committed to supporting and promoting a healthy work-life balance for faculty. These resources are provided to address the personal, professional, and academic needs of faculty and reflect OU’s recognition of variety of family structures in the University community.

Work-life policies and services are briefly described in this brochure.  Be sure to read the complete policies for details.  In this document, references (often paragraph numbers) to the Faculty Agreement (the collective bargaining agreement between the University and the Oakland University Chapter of the AAUP) guide the underlying policies reflected here.  Since that language is subject to change, it is important that you refer to the specific language in the Faculty Agreement and consult with Academic Human Resources (AHR) for the most up-to-date information.  To view the Faculty Agreement, visit Faculty in the School of Medicine should refer to the OUWB Faculty Handbook at

If you have questions about these policies or their application to a specific situation, contact Academic Human Resources at (248) 370-2922 or

Additional resources are available through WISER, the Women in Science, Engineering and Research program at Oakland University, part of The Research Office.  This program promotes the advancement of faculty, specifically women and under-represented populations, in all fields across campus.   WISER initiatives focus on career development and improving the overall climate and job satisfaction for all faculty at OU.  More information is available at WISER.

University Leaves and Benefits

Oakland University offers a range of benefits to eligible faculty, spouses, dependents, and other qualified adults,* including, but not limited to, medical insurance, dental insurance, optical insurance, life insurance, and retirement investment accounts.

*For those included as “other qualified adults,” see Appendix J of the Faculty Agreement.

For a general overview of benefit offerings, visit

For more specific information for each benefit available, visit

Further guidance is available through Academic Human Resources or the University Benefits and Compensation Office.

Academic Human ResourcesUniversity Benefits & Compensation Services
420 Wilson Hall401 Wilson Hall
(248) 370-2922(248) 370-4207


The University makes available to faculty a variety of leave programs. These leave options may be paid or unpaid. Consult the Faculty Agreement, the OUWB Faculty Handbook and AHR for more information. Below is a sampling of some of the leaves available:

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leaves (174) – Up to 12 weeks of leave is available to eligible faculty for qualified events such as a birth or adoption, personal illness or to care for a family member. Faculty should contact AHR for information and advice on paid and unpaid leaves. Even if you don’t think you need to take a leave, contact AHR to ensure you understand the impact on the review process and take advantage of all possible benefits. For more information, contact AHR.

Military Leaves – Military leave is afforded to employees who are in the Reserves and ordered to active duty, in accordance with federal law. Further, FMLA leave is provided to eligible employees to address qualifying events, including care for service member who has serious injury or illness in the line of duty.

Short term leave (171a) – Faculty members are excused from teaching responsibilities for short period of time to attend professional meetings or for any other reasons recommended by their chairperson and approved by Oakland. In such case the faculty member’s teaching responsibilities shall be covered by a faculty member or by an appropriate assignment to the class. For more information about Bereavement Leave, see paragraph 171b.

Bereavement Leave (170b) – Bereavement leave shall be granted to faculty members. Consult paragraph 171b of the Faculty Agreement for additional details about this leave option.

Professional Development and Research Leaves; Fellowship and Grant Opportunities (168 and 170) – Faculty may apply for available research grants and professional development leaves. More information about grant support, visit The Research Office website.

Sabbatical Leaves (64)
– Half pay or full pay sabbatical leaves for the purpose of research, study of teaching methods or cognate disciplines may be granted after required years of services. 

Sick Leaves (171) – Eligible faculty may receive paid leave for personal illness or injury. Oakland provides compensation for full time non-visiting faculty who are unable to work due to illness, injury, pregnancy or disability for a period not to exceed six months, with provision of appropriate documentation.


Building a Better yOU – Through this program, the University addresses the total wellness of employees, including physical, emotional, intellectual, environment and financial resources.

Education – Tuition waivers (129) are available at the undergraduate lower, undergraduate upper, graduate and doctoral rates to eligible faculty spouses, dependents, and other qualified adults.

Employee Discount Programs – Benefits-eligible faculty and staff are entitled to participate in employee discount programs involving various University business partners, Meadow Brook Theatre and Meadow Brook Hall, OU Golf and Learning Centers and the OU Recreation Center.

Health Care Plans – A summary and comparison of health care plans offered by the University is available in Appendix M of the Faculty Agreement.

Health Insurance Benefits – There are a variety of insurance plans including medical, dental, vision and long term disability with premiums paid by the University or the employee depending on the employee’s status and the type of insurance. For specific information see the benefit summary for your employee group and/or contact the University Benefits and Compensation Office at University Human Resources.

Holidays – The University observes various legal holidays including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. It is also closed during Winter Recess from December 24 through January 1. For specific information about recess days and paid holidays, consult the collective bargaining agreement or handbook for your employee group.

Retirement Plans – The University offers eligible faculty and staff a defined multiple option contribution retirement plan with an employer paid contribution and the opportunity for employees to contribute to supplemental tax-deferred retirement plans. 

See Faculty Agreement Article XVIII, OUWB Faculty Handbook and Benefits Summaries for more information. Eligible faculty may also apply for up to a 50% reduction in workload for a period not to exceed three years prior to retirement.

Other Resources

Employee Assistance – The University contracts with Unum to provide a 24/7 Employee Assistance Program. You can call (800) 854-1446 or visit for referral to a service in your community including childcare and senior care.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) – This is a national organization with a Michigan cohort. It provides links to jobs in higher education across the country, and can assist with spouse/partner placement. Visit for more information.

Faculty Tenure and Promotion

A description of the various faculty employment procedures, tenure and promotion processes and standards for faculty tenure and promotion is found in the Faculty Agreement Article VII or the OUWB Faculty Handbook. University standards for faculty re-employment promotion and tenure are found at Faculty Agreement Appendix D.

Tenure clock extensions (38f and 179b) – The review schedule and probationary period for tenure track faculty may be extended under certain circumstances. Leaves of six weeks or longer due to a faculty member’s medical condition or for reasons of childcare shall automatically delay the review and extend the probationary contract for one year. A faculty member may seek waiver of this automatic extension by providing a written request to Oakland one month prior to the previously scheduled review. Contact Academic Human Resources for more information.

Modified Schedule – Contact AHR and your department chair to discuss a modified schedule for your duties or service. This option may assist you with accommodating your schedule to better suit your needs during a time when juggling your work and life demands may be unusually challenging.

Institutional Support for Individuals & Families

Lactation Rooms – Three private lactation rooms are available to provide a clean, secure and comfortable environment for nursing mothers. The rooms are located at: 355A Pawley Hall, 256B Engineering Center and 4080 Human Health Building. To access the Pawley Hall room, get a key from Educational Resources Lab (350 PH) or the Dean’s Office (415 PH). Additional lactation rooms are expected to be added on campus.

Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education – The Center offers early childhood education programming to children from 18 months to five years of age. It is located in Pawley Hall on the main campus.

The International Students and Scholars Office – This program is committed to building an international campus through service, support and advocacy to nurture global citizenship and multicultural appreciation. This office is located in 157 North Foundation Hall.

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – This office serves as a resource and is charged with promoting and furthering the university's commitment to the principles of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity. This office is located in 203 Wilson Hall.

Disability Support Services and Accessibility – Contact Disability Support Services for information about support for your students with disabilities. In addition to helping students understand university policies and practices, they assist students in addressing personal and academic concerns. This office is located in 103A North Foundation Hall. The Office of Inclusion serves as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator for the University.

The Campus Accessibility Map is color-coded and shows the level of accessibility for pathways, buildings, and doors. Accessible parking is also identified.

Veterans Support Services – This office provides a supportive, welcoming environment to more than 300 veterans, service members and dependents of veterans. This office is located at 116 North Foundation Hall.

OUCARES – Oakland University Center for Autism Research, Education and Support provides innovative programs for teachers, programming and counseling for individuals and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The multifaceted approach includes education for professionals, research in the field of autism education and daily living, as well as support services for families. This office is located at 425C Pawley Hall.

Employee Resource Groups – Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are volunteer, employee-managed groups that promote the interests of their respective constituency. ERGs are open to all OU employees. Their purpose is to align diverse groups with upper-level employees to promote awareness and enthusiasm for diversity inclusion. More information is available through the Office of Inclusion.

Smoke Free Campus – Oakland University is smoke-free.  Administrative Policy #475 outlines the policy that prohibits smoking on all University owned or operated campuses.

SEHS Counseling Center – The School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) Counseling Center offers personal and career counseling at no cost. It is a teaching and research facility for the counselor education program at OU. The center enables graduate students to integrate and apply counseling theory with practice, as well as provide supervised professional counseling assistance to persons in need. The center is located in 250 Pawley Hall.

Graham Health Center – Graham Health Center provides convenient, affordable, high quality health care right on campus. Staffed by certified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, GHC provides health care and wellness programs to the campus community. The Graham Health Center is located just north of Meadow Brook Theatre.

OU Counseling Center – The OU Counseling Center provides mental health services, including personal, psychological and career counseling; substance abuse evaluation, treatment, and prevention; and crisis intervention.   The center is located in the Graham Health Center, just north of Meadow Brook Theatre.

Women in Science, Engineering, and Research
The Research Office
Wilson Hall, Room 528
371 Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, MI 48309-4401
Contact: Leanne DeVreugd,
(248) 370-4516
Visit the website:

Academic Human Resources
Wilson Hall, Room 420
371 Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
(248) 370-2922
Visit the website:

Discrimination Policy
Oakland University reaffirms its commitment to equality of opportunity for all persons. In a society that relies on an informed, educated citizenry, no one should be denied the opportunity to attain his or her fullest potential. It is therefore the policy of Oakland University that no person shall be discriminated against based on race, sex, age, handicap, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, marital status, or veteran status. The university shall strive to build a community that welcomes and honors all persons and that provides equal opportunity in education and employment. The university shall affirmatively follow the provisions of applicable state and federal anti-discrimination legislation in all of its activities in this area and so reaffirms its policy at this time.

Faculty, staff, students and non-student users of university services who believe their rights have been violated may seek a resolution of the problem through use of the discrimination complaint procedures. This procedure is intended to be responsive to particular situations and to be as formal or informal as allegations dictate. Complaints will be processed equitably and in a timely manner. Complaints should be directed to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at (248) 370-3496.

This document was made possible by an ADVANCE PAID grant from the National Science Foundation (Award 1107072), with support from Academic Human Resources.

To receive a PDF of this document, please email

Administrative Policies
and Procedures

There are certain OU policies and guidelines that are critical for new employees to know and understand. You are responsible for the information in the policies listed below. Please look them over and let us know if you have any questions about how they apply to you in your new role.

Please visit the OU Administrative Policies and Procedures home page.

How do I set up my NetID/Oakland Email account?

Please refer to these instructions for information on how to set up your email address/NetID

What is SAIL?

SAIL is the online portal for employees to manage their personal information, view or update your address(es), phone number(s), e-mail address(es), and marital status; name change and social security number change information; change your PIN, Security Question and Answer; customize your directory profile. You will also use SAIL to access Leave Reports and view information on your earnings, benefits, deductions, beneficiaries, pay history, direct deposit, tax forms, OU position history since 1999, and more.

When do I get paid?

Faculty are paid once per month on the last working day of the month. If you have enrolled in direct deposit, your paycheck will be distributed to your accounts at the start of the day.

How do I apply for a faculty position?

For a full-time faculty position, go to our job page here and select "Academic". This screen displays the open full-time faculty positions. Select the position that you wish to apply for and follow the associated directions. For a part-time faculty position, please apply directly to the department for which you would like to teach. Contact information can be found on our Department Chair List. For a full-time faculty position, go to our job page here and select "Academic". This screen displays the open full-time faculty positions.  Select the position that you wish to apply for and follow the associated directions. 

For a part-time faculty position, please apply directly to the department for which you would like to teach. Contact information can be found on our Department Chair List.

Where can I find more information about my benefits?

Please check out the benefits page for information about medical, dental, optical, retirement and other benefits of being an employee at OU. You can also contact Benefits and Compensation, they are located in 401 Wilson Hall and can be reached by phone at (248) 370-4207.

May I change the months over which my salary is paid?

Faculty members may choose to have their salaries paid either over 9 months (August through April), or over 12 months (August through July). New faculty members, unless they sign up for the 12-month pay option, will be paid on a 9-month basis.

To change from a 9-month pay schedule to a 12-month pay schedule, a signed Payroll Annnualization Authorization Form must be turned into Academic Human Resources, 407 Wilson Hall, by August 10th in order for the change to be effective for the following academic year. The authorization will remain in effect until it is revoked by the faculty member.  Due to budgetary reporting and IRS requirements, we cannot change pay schedules in the middle of an academic year.

How can I see my pay stub?

You can see your electronic pay stub via the SAIL system. Go to and log in with your NetID. Once you've logged in, click on Employee > Pay Information > Pay Stub to access your electronic pay stubs. If you need a different format to print, you can contact the Payroll Department.

Where do I pick up my GrizzCard?

Faculty members may obtain their GrizzCard by visiting the ID Card Office, 149 Oakland Center, which is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and extended hours during the first week of fall and winter semesters. Your first GrizzCard is free. Replacement cards cost $10. More information is available at the OU GrizzCard website.

How do I view my address, benefits or other information?

You may view this information via the SAIL system. Go to and log in with your NetID. You can find out more information about NetID here.

When is open enrollment for my benefits?

Oakland University holds its open enrollment in late October or November. Please watch for e-mails and Oakland communications for updates.

What do I do in an emergency?

The Oakland University Police Department is on duty 24/7. You can reach them in an emergency by dialing 911 from a campus phone, or 248-370-3333 from a cell phone. For non-emergencies, call 248-370-3331. You should also register for the OU Emergency Notification System, which will send you a text message and/or voice mail when there is an emergency school closing or other urgent announcement from OUPD. Each building has a map of the floor posted in an obvious place in the hallway. It's always a good thing to become familiar with your surroundings, take time to locate the map and become aware of the nearest exits.

Where can I find the Oakland University directory?

The Oakland University Directory for faculty and staff phone numbers and campus addresses may be accessed from the top menu of any OU page.

How do I update my campus address in the directory

Please refer to these instructions for information on adding or updating your campus address and phone extension using OU's SAIL system.

I cannot access my Grizzly ID, E-mail, or SAIL account. Whom should I contact?

If you have any questions or problems with setting up your account, please contact the Help Desk at 248-370-4357. Help Desk hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday through Friday.