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Mileage Reimbursement

Oakland University will reimburse travelers for business mileage traveled on normal workdays in excess of their normal commute from home to the officePlease note that mileage to and from your primary work location is not eligible for reimbursement. Example: You come  into work on a Saturday to complete a task. Even though you do not normally work Saturdays, the IRS considers the drive to your office your commute and therefore it is not reimbursable.

Using a Personal Vehicle for Long Distance Travel

If a traveler decides to use their own vehicle for travel destinations in which would normally be flown, if the trip is beyond 350 miles one-way (700 miles roundtrip), per policy they must seek pre-trip approval and complete a Drive/Fly/Rent Comparison Worksheet to calculate the maximum reimbursement amount. This worksheet may be located in policy #1200 "Travel" or directly here in the A/P website under Forms – "Miscellaneous Forms".

Rental Vehicles/University-Owned Vehicles

The use of a rental vehicle will be approved only when it is more economical or a business necessity and not for personal convenience. If you are considering a rental vs. driving or flying please review the Policy 1200 sections, “Reimbursement for Private Vehicle Use” and “Rental Vehicles” for more details including the need for a Drive/Fly/Rent Comparison Worksheet. Any travel in a pre-approved vehicle rented by OU or in a University-owned vehicle will NOT be eligible for mileage reimbursement. In these circumstances, actual fuel charges may be paid on the OU p-card or will be reimbursed.

How to Calculate Various Mileage Scenarios

Calculating mileage can sometimes get confusing so we have created helpful documentation along with examples of the most common scenarios for calculating mileage reimbursement. The document may be found here: Mileage Reimbursement Guidelines