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AP Association


AP Colleagues,

Welcome to the Administrative Professional (AP) Association's website. The Association provides a means of communication between all Administrative Professional employees and the University as employer in matters concerning wages, hours, and working conditions.

A separate group also serves the APs called the AP Assembly. They are an advisory group to the President of the University, appoint representatives for governance of the University and provide personal and professional development. You can read more about them on the AP Assembly Website.

The elected volunteer executive committee (EC) is tasked with carrying out the bylaws and duties of the Association. The monthly executive committee meeting schedule is posted online, and APs are welcome to attend. The President, President-Elect and Past President meet regularly with Human Resources (HR) as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member-at-large, your band representative or any other officer with a question or concern you have. The E-board will provide you with clarification, further information or address your question or concern with HR. The E-board also encourages attendance at the numerous professional development opportunities created with a partnership between AP Assembly, AP Association and Human Resources (HR).

It is a privilege and honor to represent and serve the AP community at Oakland University.


Becky Lewis
AP Association President