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Academic Empowerment Series

The Academic Empowerment Series (AES) was designed with students’ academic success in mind!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is AES?

The Academic Empowerment Series (AES) is a 10 module series in e-Space with knowledge to empower students to be successful. Each module is approximately 20-25 minutes long, with a short quiz at the end to pass (4/5 or 5/5).

All students start with module 1, "Design Your Own Life Plan",to explore what motivates you.  Complete the quiz, earning a score of 4/5 or 5/5 and then the other 9 modules will be opened.

How do I access the AES?

Access to the Academic Empowerment Series is easy!

  • Get started on the Academic Empowerment Series by accessing the login page. Use your NetID and password, click on "Enroll Me" at the bottom of the page and then you'll be able to start with Module 1: Motivation – Design your own life plan.     

What are the 10 Modules?

The ten modules for the AES are:

Beginning module everyone completes: Motivation – Design your own life plan        

  1. After completing and passing Motivation, ALL other modules become available!
  2. Metacognition and the Metacognitive Process
  3. Time Management: Priorities, Pitfalls, & Time Robbers
  4. Time Management: Methods to Manage Your Time
  5. Bounce Back with Grit
  6. Sleep: A Key to Student Success
  7. Memory: How do I Learn in College?
  8. Nutrition for Student Success
  9. Stress Less
  10. Success Begins with You

Who should complete it?

Course completion depends on a student’s academic status. 

  1. AES is a required stipulation for students who either submitted an academic dismissal appeal OR have been readmitted. These students are required to complete specific AES modules.
  2. AES is strongly advised for students who are on either academic probation or continued probation (overall GPA is below 2.0). It is recommended to complete the AES at the beginning of the semester.

Technology Requirements:

  • Any updated web browser (Chrome, FireFox, etc.) will work fine for this course. Internet Explorer is not recommended.
  • A computer with dependable internet connection is required.
  • Have a plan to use another computer if your computer/internet fails (library, friend, family member’s computer/internet).
  • Contact e-LIS for any eSpace support Help: (248) 805-1625.
  • Contact the Helpdesk for any other help you may need at (248) 370-HELP.

For additional questions, please contact the Academic Success Center at 248-370-4215 or