Oakland University Biosafety

Graham Health Center
408 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309

Accident Management and Reporting


Be prepared to deal with a spill or accident before it happens.  In the event of a biological spill or accident:

  • Alert people in immediate area of spill.
  • Put on protective equipment.
  • Immediately contain the spill and stop the spread of contamination
  • Cover spill with paper towel or other absorbent materials.
  • Carefully pour disinfectant around the edges of the spill and then into the spill. Avoid splashing.
  • Allow a 20 minute contact period.
  • Gently wipe up the spill using paper towels and working from the outer edges into the center.
  • Avoid creating aerosols or vapors.
  • Clean spill area with fresh towels soaked in disinfectant.
  • Place towels in a plastic bag and decontaminate in an autoclave or medical waste container.
  • Dispose of contaminated material according to OU biological and/or Medical Waste Policy.



 Seriously injured persons should seek medical attention immediately by contacting the OUPD by dialing 911 on a campus phone.  Do not use a cell phone.

Laboratory workers are required to immediately report all laboratory accidents, injuries and illnesses to their supervisor, regardless of whether or not lost work time, medical expenses, or property damage was involved.  All accidents resulting in injury, regardless of severity, are to be investigated. Individuals conducting the investigation include the Department Lab Manager and the supervisor of the injured laboratory worker. The Department Lab manager is responsible to see that:

  1. Every accident occurring within his/her department is investigated.
  2. Adequate information is obtained to determine the cause.
  3. Corrective measures are taken to prevent a recurrence.

The supervisor of the injured employee is responsible for:

  1. The immediate reporting and completion of the Occupational Accident Report.
  2. The installation of safety procedures to prevent similar accidents.
  3. The Laboratory Compliance Manager may conduct personal investigations, or be available for consultation upon request.