Business students learn investment management in the Big Apple

Business students learn investment management in the Big Apple

group of students in front of NYC skyline
Students in FIN 480 met with professionals in New York City and attended the Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (GAME) conference. Photo provided by student Hannah Tucker.

From the trading floor in Elliott Hall to Wall Street in New York City, business students in the Oakland’s Managing Investment Funds (FIN 480) course are getting a first-hand look at the real world of investment management.

A key part of this FIN 480 course is managing Oakland’s $2 million student managed investment fund (SMIF), powered by The Kresge Foundation. Managing the SMIF is integrated into the course that teaches students the essentials of portfolio management, stock selection and portfolio evaluation.

Thanks to a generous donor who stepped forward to finance the class’ participation in the Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (GAME) conference held in New York last week, students met professionals in the nation’s financial center.

The annual conference gathers renowned finance experts, professionals, academics and students from around the country to discuss pressing issues facing investment professionals and share best practices in investment management. Key note panel discussions covered global markets, corporate governance, global economy investment strategy and a Federal Reserve perspective. The forum concluded with panels discussing career opportunities in the financial services industry.

The students found the insight expanded their view of asset management careers.

“The Quinnipiac GAME forum allowed us to hear first-hand what, as students, we should be conscious of -- from global markets to corporate governance to perspectives of women in the industry — as we pursue careers in the business field,” says Leah Slazinski, Finance major.

The conference agenda allotted time each day for students to network.

“Networking with the professionals who spoke that weekend was a once in the lifetime chance,” says Jennifer Krumholz, Actuarial Science major.

“The experience and advice extended my technical knowledge and financial skills, which will help me build my brand when it comes time to enter the workforce,” says Hannah Tucker, Finance major.

Krumholz summed up the value of the conference well for all the students. “The opportunity to take part to sessions at the forum combined with the experience we are gaining by managing a portfolio gives all of us who are participating a leg up from any other students trying to start a career in the financial world.”

That’s exactly what the donor who financed the trip hoped to accomplish.

The anonymous donor is passionate about helping students take their experience managing real money in real-world situations one step further, explains Michael Silverstein, Director of Development for OU’s business school. “He wanted to ensure Oakland business students had opportunities to travel, have meaningful experiences, and meet professionals from top financial firms. The Quinnipiac GAME conference was a perfect match.”