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Embracing opportunity lands student top summer internship

Embracing opportunity lands student top summer internship

Megan Tack
Megan Tack, a double major in operations management and human resources management, has already lined up an internship at FCA for summer 2017.

It’s rare that a major global corporation offers an internship to a college student seven months before the start date. Yet that’s exactly what happened when the Information Communication Technology team at Fiat Chrysler Automotive US LLC interviewed Oakland University business school junior Megan Tack this fall. One look at her resume and five minutes into a conversation with her and it is easy to understand: This is a student with talent and determination.

With a double major in operations management and human resources management, Tack also is double minoring in international management and Spanish. When not in the classroom, she serves as both a Business Student Ambassador and a Career Ambassador for the School, advising fellow students on networking, job applications, resumes and more.

When not in class or studying, Tack helps guide students through the study abroad process as an OU Study Abroad Student Advisor and takes part in OU’s Society for Applied Investing and Educating, the Society for Human Resources Management and Beta Gamma Sigma, which honors high academic business achievement.

Getting involved, gaining experience

“I really love all of the opportunities to get involved at OU,” says Tack. “From working on campus to being a Business Scholar and a Business School Ambassador, there are so many things to do and ways to learn. These opportunities make it easy to apply everything I’m learning in the classroom to real-world situations.”

Tack began her academic career at Oakland with a Presidential Scholarship, one of the University’s most sought-after honors. “What’s really incredible about having the Presidential Scholarship is that I get to focus just on Oakland University,” she says. “I can focus on getting involved in campus. It’s been such a luxury to get involved in as many student organizations as possible.”

Most recently, Tack returned from putting her language minor to good use after spending a semester in Spain, where, while studying, she also volunteered to teach English to pre-school and elementary-age children.

The experience was another step on the path Tack hopes will culminate in a management consulting career with an international firm. Her internship with FCA US LLC, one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, will bring her close to that vision by giving her real-world skills in a multinational business setting.

Finding a path with Career Services

Tack applied for the FCA US LLC internship after meeting the corporation’s representatives at the OU Career Fair, the FCA Open House event on campus and the Etiquette Dinner hosted by the University. After fellow students shared their own positive experiences at FCA with her, Tack jumped online to fill out the requisite paperwork. She heard back a few days later. After two interviews, she received the offer for the internship that begins in May 2017.

As part of her internship, Tack will put her experiences and education together to help the corporation’s Information Communication Technology team. “I’m looking forward to learning more about IT, how it applies in the real world and how it applies in a larger corporation like FCA.”

The internship will be project-based and will require Tack to give a final presentation “to share what I’ve learned,” she says. It is something she looks forward to as, with internships such as these, she says, “you always learn so much more than you thought you would.”

“I am totally impressed by the escalated timeline to make an offer by FCA,” says Wayne Thibodeau, Senior Director, Career Services. “Traditionally, we do not hear this happening before November. To receive this offer in mid-October is very exciting.”

For Tack, the upcoming internship will build on the broad base of experiences she already has amassed as an active, involved School of Business student. It will provide more of that real-world learning that helps so many students like Tack thrive.

“The School of Business really gives its students all the opportunities they could want, including the networking events, professional development and even the speakers they bring in to talk with us,” says Tack. “We hear from industry leaders and real-world business people. It’s a true holistic experience, putting together everything we learn inside and out of the classroom.”

When she returns to Oakland’s business school the following fall, Tack will continue putting talent and opportunity together in a formula for career success.