Executive MBA puts research physician on new path

Executive MBA puts research physician on new path

Headshot of Tonya Corbin, M.D.
Tonya Corbin, M.D., EMBA '17

Physicians spend their days in a state of urgency, treating patients, strategizing with colleagues, keeping informed on the latest breakthroughs. When Tonya Corbin, M.D., decided to transition into health care administration after 10 years as a clinical research physician, she needed a program that would allow her to keep that strenuous pace, while still challenging her academically and professionally.

With the School of Business Administration’s Executive MBA program, she found a program that does exactly that, catering to professionals who are seeking to balance work and life with the demands of graduate-level courses.

“At Oakland University, they were very user-friendly and understanding that these are seasoned people in class,” Dr. Corbin says. “They were focused on delivering exactly what you need.” 

In addition to having a medical doctorate degree, Dr. Corbin has a master’s degree in clinical research design and statistical analysis.

“I’ve always concentrated more on the cutting-edge aspect of health care, beyond treatment and being a practitioner,” says Corbin. “Oakland University’s Executive MBA program offers an opportunity to gain additional knowledge and to understand the direction health care is moving. I was very pleased with all of the professors who taught the courses.” 

Her education, experience and commitment help her leverage her deep scientific acumen and pharmaceutical relationships to drive medical excellence in health care in the Midwest as a medical liaison for Lilly Pharmaceuticals. Her work focuses on communicating new treatment trends to physicians. Her experience allows her to speak their language and relate to their work. 

“The conversations are insightful and you can really get into some robust discussions on safety and advocacy,” she says.

With her career going smoothly, Dr. Corbin says the key to making this kind of professional leap is mentally committing to success.

“It requires a lot of self-discipline,” Dr. Corbin says. “You’ve got to have that already resolved in your mind that you are going to prioritize things differently in your life. When you make that commitment to yourself, the rest really falls into place.”