Help OU students earn $50k when you subscribe to free e-newsletter

Help OU students earn $50k when you subscribe to free e-newsletter
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Sign up at Your free subscription helps raise $50k to support Oakland students.

Get a daily dose of inspiration and help Oakland University's School of Business students raise $50,000 to support student organizations and programs.

When you subscribe to Your Daily Fuel on the special Oakland U subscription page at, you'll get the satisfaction of helping business students raise money as well as a free subscription to this new, video-centric, digital media newsletter. The newsletter serves up bite-sized inspirational and informative videos from recognized thought leaders and under-the-radar experts, often described as Starbucks for your mind.

The Oakland b-school is competing with other Michigan universities to sign up subscribers by the end of the year. Schools that sign up 100,000 new subscribers will earn $50,000. The school that secures the most subscribers earns an additional $50,000. The money earned will go to support student orgs for such things as conferences, events and more.

Subscribe today to help the Oakland b-school, then enjoy the humorous, inspirational messages delivered straight to your email address. The free subscription and assistance for the b-school is open to all OU students, faculty, staff, alumni, as well as colleagues, family and friends. All you need to do is sign up and keep your subscription through the end of March 2018.

So sign up, and spread the word! Share this article or flier with your family members, friends and colleagues.

You must sign up at for it to benefit Oakland University students.