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EMBA empowers lawyer-entrepreneur siblings with essential leadership and business skills

icon of a calendarMarch 29, 2019

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Executive MBA leadership and business emphasis is catalyst for career momentum
siblings Peter and Liz Halabu reviewing some paper documents
Lawyer-entrepreneur siblings Peter and Liz Halabu value the leadership emphasis and immediate return on investment of Oakland's EMBA program.
When it comes to candidates for MBA programs, lawyers aren't usually the first group who come to mind. Neither are small-business entrepreneurs. But for Liz Halabu and her brother Peter, joint owners of a law firm and several title agencies across Southeast Michigan, the Oakland EMBA program is providing essential business skills and insights.

“People often ask me why someone with a law degree needs an MBA,” says Liz. “I tell them that while law school gave me a specific and important set of skills, as a business owner there are additional skills that will increase my success. Oakland’s Executive MBA program delivers exactly what we are seeking,” adds Liz.

Peter, who splits his time between legal work and the title agency, recognizes the same advantages to enhancing his expertise with an MBA. “Being involved in a growing business made me realize the importance of a business education, even to a law firm,” says Peter. “Strong business knowledge strengthens my ability to run our organizations efficiently and create strategies for their success and growth.”

As busy professionals, the thought of adding classes into their already packed schedules seemed daunting at first. But the program’s three-day summer boot camp provided a valuable introduction. “We were challenged and learned a lot those three days,” Peter says. “But it was more than that. We started to get back into the flow of learning, meeting people in the cohort and beginning to build team chemistry together.” 

As classes began in the fall, the EMBA program's support system was crucial to the duo's transition back into school life. “I didn’t realize how valuable the support services would be,” adds Liz. “Oakland’s Executive MBA’s concierge-level of service is a perk we continually appreciate.” 

The all-inclusive Executive MBA tuition includes assistance registering for classes, books and meals delivered in class, and a 21-month schedule set at the start of the program. “The ability to look at the entire program outlining exactly what I’m going to be learning and when is a definite advantage of Oakland’s EMBA program,” says Peter.

Liz values the leadership emphasis of Oakland’s Executive MBA program. “The in-depth focus on leadership and management helps me ensure I am treating the members of my team right, listening more intently, and giving them the tools they need to succeed.”

Peter emphasizes the immediate return on investment. “Our first-semester Economics class helped us realize that our agency had an immediate opportunity to change our pricing structure,” he says. “The program paid dividends from the beginning.” 

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