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Executive MBA leadership and business emphasis is catalyst for career momentum

icon of a calendarFebruary 20, 2019

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Executive MBA leadership and business emphasis is catalyst for career momentum
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Denis Jordao and Fernanda Turco enhance leadership and business skills in Oakland's EMBA program.
From Brazil to Michigan, two General Motors employees with different professional backgrounds both discovered the Oakland University Executive MBA program. They zeroed in on key benefits to advance their careers: strengthening business acumen and building high-level leadership skills.

With dual bachelor’s degrees in Engineering and Law, combined with proven global product development experience and cross-functional team leadership, Denis Jordao, senior product engineer, knows an MBA is essential to fuel his career trajectory.

“Through my research into MBA programs, it became apparent that the educational quality of the Oakland Executive MBA program makes it a tremendous value. I’m confident it will prepare me well for my future,” says Jordao.

The program’s focus on leadership and career development piqued Fernanda Turco’s interest. While seeking to deepen her business education and experience, she recognized strong leadership skills deliver the power to boost careers.

“The leadership emphasis and rigorous business curriculum is a clear differentiator for Oakland’s Executive MBA program,” says Turco, GM’s Marketplace marketing manager. “As a leader, you need to have the ability to know what each part of the organization is doing, what they are communicating to you and how to use all the data effectively.”

An Executive MBA degree will complement Turco’s business development and project management experience, as well as build on her undergraduate degrees in business and industrial management.

While earning an EMBA is elemental to their career aspirations, both speak to the immediate benefit putting what they learn into action in their current positions.

“The emphasis on case studies and real-world situations means I’m able to apply what I learn the next day,” says Jordao. “I have a better understanding of what we are doing at the company and in my department. I’ve already seen an immediate impact on how I deliver presentations.” 

“Guest lectures by C-suite leaders from area corporations reinforces key learnings and emphasizes how we can use what we’re learning in today’s business environment,” says Turco.

Learning alongside of experienced, high-potential professionals in a cohort model further enhances the curriculum. “Discussing the concepts with classmates from different industries, countries and roles brings the concepts we are learning about to life,” adds Jordao.

The program’s alternating weekend schedule, full-service student support and Oakland’s central location rounds out the Oakland Executive MBA as the perfect choice for these busy, full-time professionals.

“The personal touch and concierge approach Oakland’s Executive MBA staff provide is vital,” says Turco. “From facilitating enrollment, procuring books, to assisting with financial aid and billing questions, everything is handled, so I can focus on my learning.”

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