Elementary Education B.S.

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Our elementary education degree equips you to earn high teacher salaries in high-performing school districts.

An elementary education degree from Oakland University gives you a clear edge in the teaching job market. Our elementary education degree graduates teach throughout Southeast Michigan and have an exceptional track record, so top school districts eagerly recruit our elementary education majors. You’ll develop first-rate teaching techniques, receive outstanding teacher certification prep, and become proficient in parent communication, evidence-based methods, outcomes assessment, and other advanced skills. An elementary education degree from Oakland University empowers you to have a profound impact on students, while working at the top of the elementary school teacher salary spectrum. You’ll complete the elementary education degree fully prepared for teacher certification, and be well qualified to pursue a graduate education degree or advance into a leadership role.

Elementary Education: The Oakland University Advantage

School administrators throughout Southeast Michigan regard our elementary education program as the go-to source for new teachers. Hundreds of our graduates teach in the region, including many with decades of distinguished service. This community of alumni, unique to Oakland University, can help you get your elementary education career off to a strong start by providing mentorship, job referrals, professional guidance, and many other forms of support.

Our elementary education degree stands out for its:

  • Employment opportunities. The school districts surrounding Oakland University hire dozens of our elementary education degree graduates every year. Teacher salaries and test scores in these districts (including Utica, Warren, Troy, Farmington, Roseville, and Walled Lake) are among the highest in Michigan.
  • Professional development. Our elementary education degree puts you in ongoing contact with students, so you’ll have many hours of field experience under your belt by the time you start your student teaching assignment. You can also deepen your hands-on expertise on campus through the Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership and the Educational Resources Lab.
  • Outstanding faculty. You’ll learn from veteran educators who spent many years in elementary classrooms before they became university faculty. They act as professional mentors and career guides, enhancing the elementary education degree with their personal experience as teachers.
  • Elite academics. Our elementary education degree was the first in Michigan to align with the state’s new teacher certification standards, which take effect in 2021. You’ll learn advanced material that integrates textbook theory with hands-on practice, and reflects the most current research and evidence-based practices.
  • Superior professional performance. Graduates our elementary education program have an excellent record on the teacher certification exam, with pass rates exceeding 95 percent in the most recent available data. In addition, 93 percent of new teachers from our elementary education program were rated effective or highly effective in Year 1, increasing to 97 percent by Year 2.

Elementary Education Careers

The median elementary school teacher salary in Michigan is about $61,000, well above the national elementary school teacher salary. In districts that are located near Oakland University and hire many of our elementary education majors, the average elementary school teacher salary is even higher than Michigan’s state average.

From 2015 through 2017, Michigan districts hired nearly 500 elementary education majors from Oakland University. The top hiring districts included:

  • Chippewa Valley Schools (30+ hires)
  • Utica Community Schools (20+ hires)
  • Rochester Community Schools (15+ hires)
  • Troy School District (15+ hires)

Elementary Education Degree: What You’ll Study

The elementary education degree meets all requirements for Michigan teacher certification. Specific coursework varies depending on the content-area specializations you select. Foundational coursework covers pre-professional subject areas such as:

  • Instructional design and assessment
  • Classroom management
  • Educational psychology
  • Digital classroom technologies
  • Teaching students with special needs
  • Reading instruction and appraisal
  • Child fitness, health and well-being
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