Engineering Physics

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, which is offered jointly with the School of Engineering and Computer Science, is for well-qualified students who seek a broad education in physics and mathematics along with basic preparation in engineering.

Courses within the Department of Physics are grouped into two categories: preprofessional career programs and experiences in science for students with broad interests in contemporary human culture. The latter is strongly recommended for students planning any of a wide range of careers, including law, business, criminology, art history, music, government, education and journalism. High school students intending to major in physics should refer to the Admissions section of the catalog for specific preparation requirements. Programs of study lead to the Bachelor of Science degree with majors in physics, medical physics and engineering physics, Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in physics, Master of Science degree in physics, and Doctor of Philosophy degree in biomedical sciences with specialization in medical physics.


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This tool should only be used as a guide — remember to meet with your academic adviser, Career Services and/or faculty to determine appropriate career options.

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    Experimental Physicist

  • My future career:

    Industrial Engineer

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    Possible Career Options

    • Analytical Engineer
    • Design Engineer
    • Engineering Scientist
    • MEMS Reliability Engineer