Exercise Science

The exercise science program offers elective courses for students interested in the relationship among physical activity, weight control, disease prevention, stress management and nutrition for optimal health and performance.

Opportunities exist for students to establish personal programs of exercise, weight control, nutrition, stress management and substance abuse avoidance. Disease prevention and quality of life are components of many of the course offerings. Selecting courses in exercise science can be especially meaningful to students entering a health related career, with the current emphasis placed on health promotion and disease prevention within the health care delivery system.

This tool should only be used as a guide — remember to meet with your academic adviser, Career Services and/or faculty to determine appropriate career options.

  • My future career:

    Athletic Trainer

  • My future career:

    Exercise Physiologist

  • My future career:

    Recreation Worker

  • My future career:

    Health Educator

  • My future career:

    Dietitian and Nutritionist

    • Career & Salary Information
    • Possible Career Options
    • Median Salary*
    • Education Needed
    • For More Information**

    * Median salary for the state of Michigan

    ** These professional organizations provide an excellent starting point for your research. There are many more resources available online.

    Additional Considerations

    Some careers may require additional education. See your academic adviser for more information.

    • Corporate Wellness Instructor
    • Dietitian and Nutritionist
    • Fitness Consultant
    • Health and Wellness Educator
    • Massage Therapist
    • Personal Trainer
    • Public Health Worker
    • Recreation and Fitness Worker