Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Earn your mechanical engineering master’s degree in a world-class center of research and industrial innovation.

In Oakland University’s MS in Mechanical Engineering program, you’ll get an exceptional education that raises your career trajectory and increases your earning potential. Whether you’re a full-time graduate student or a working mechanical engineer looking for a professional edge, our mechanical engineering masters program equips you for advanced positions in research, leadership and product development. Oakland University houses one-of-a-kind mechanical engineering research centers and maintains close partnerships with automotive manufacturers, energy companies and other Industry 4.0 leaders. Earn a mechanical engineering MS that commands widespread respect, and build a portfolio of original work that showcases your talent.

Mechanical Engineering Master of Science: The Oakland University Advantage

Our master’s in mechanical engineering lets you work and study in a global hotbed for industrial innovation. Because of our location, we maintain world-class research facilities and public-private partnerships that few mechanical engineering graduate programs can match. That means you’ll benefit from exceptional opportunities to:

  • Conduct applied research. Oakland University houses numerous one-of-a-kind mechanical engineering research centers, including the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (CAMM), the Chrysler Learning and Innovation Center (CLIC), the Fastening and Joining Research Institute (FAJRI), the Automotive Tribology Center, and the Clean Energy Research Center (CLEC). All these facilities provide you with unique opportunities to collaborate with corporate partners and renowned researchers on the mechanical engineering trends that are driving the next Industrial Revolution.
  • Get professional experience and training. Our extensive industry relationships create a seamless boundary between our campus and southeast Michigan’s vibrant technology sector. You’ll have ongoing interaction with professional mentors and potential employers in automotive, manufacturing, energy, and other mechanical engineering sectors.
  • Join a diverse community. We have an inclusive mechanical engineering masters program, with higher-than-usual percentages of women and international students. Our mechanical engineering student population reflects the diversity in today’s global workplaces.
  • Learn from industry veterans. Most of our faculty have active mechanical engineering careers. Many are working at the leading edge of research and technology development. In addition to providing high-level academic training, they can provide research opportunities, high-impact job recommendations, and other benefits that boost your career.

Mechanical Engineering Careers

Our master’s in mechanical engineering program welcomes full-time graduate students as well as professional engineers who are already in the work force and seek to qualify for senior positions and leadership roles.

If you’re already employed, you can keep working while you earn our mechanical engineering master’s degree because courses generally take place during evenings and weekends. Most students who come to the program from industry report increased salaries, higher job rank, and expanded responsibilities after graduation.

Whether you’re already in the workforce or preparing to enter it for the first time, our mechanical engineering master’s degree prepares you for to manage projects, supervise teams, guide research and development initiatives, and fill other leadership roles.

Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree Curriculum

Our mechanical engineering master’s degree allows you to choose an academic focus that supports your professional interests and career goals. There are five options:

  • Solid and structural mechanics
  • Energy, fluid and thermal systems
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Automotive engineering
  • General mechanical engineering

Whichever specialization you choose, you have the option of earning the MS in mechanical engineering via coursework alone, or completing a graduate engineering project or master’s research thesis.

See the Oakland University catalog for a description of admission requirements, course offerings, mechanical engineering master’s degree requirements, and other academic details.

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    Assembly Engineer

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    Design Engineer

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    Manufacturing Engineer

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    Prototype Engineer

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    Thermal Systems Engineer

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    Possible Career Options

    • Release Engineer
    • Test Engineer
    • Process Engineer