Judith Brown

Judith Brown

Judith Brown
Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

An internationally recognized faculty member, Brown is seen as a pioneer in the field of feminist anthropology that helped bring women’s and gender studies into mainstream academic study. Her cross-cultural research on division of labor by sex, women’s life course, female hierarchies based on age, and domestic violence has laid the foundation for vast inquiry into the issues of sex and gender.

Brown has co-edited five books, and written dozens of scholarly articles, book chapters, reviews and professional papers. She is also among the first anthropologists to publish on the subjects of women’s lives after child bearing and domestic violence as a cross-cultural issue.

Recognized as an extraordinary mentor and role model, Brown has engaged scores of students and broadened Oakland University’s visibility in the academic communities of the United States and Europe. Career highlights include interviews focusing on older women with Diane Sawyer of ABC News and with Newsweek magazine.

Joining the OU faculty as a part-time teacher in 1964, Brown began teaching full time in 1969, and was appointed full professor in 1983. Currently, she teaches in the areas of culture and human nature; psychological anthropology; subsistence and technology in non-industrial societies; peoples and first nations of North America; the life course in anthropological perspective; and women’s lives in cross cultural perspective.


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