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The College of Arts and Sciences Advantage

The CAS Advantage uses Fundamental Learning, Achievements and Goals (FLAGs) to allow you to capture the progression of your transferable skills and keep a live record of your experiences and knowledge base during your undergraduate experience.

FLAGs are designed to help you identify and exemplify the skills and knowledge that you possess, so you can articulate your strengths accurately during future graduate school or employment interviews.

To learn more about the importance of FLAGs, contact [email protected].

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The Flag program is extremely beneficial. As an employer, we can train on technical skills but we find it difficult to train on transferable skills, because those are skills that you learn through experiences. What's nice about the Flag program, is students are capturing those skills that they've learned through the educational experience and then applying them to the workplace.

The skills and knowledge that you gain throughout your college career extend far beyond those obtained in the classroom. The ability to articulate these strengths during graduate school or employment interviews can make all the difference. The CAS Advantage incorporates Flags. Fundamental Learning Outcomes, Achievements, and Goals, as a means to capture the progression of your transferable skills. It allows you to capture and reflect on your experiences and knowledge during your undergraduate experience in order to effectively articulate them on resumes and in interviews. The Flags are divided into eight categories. Innovation, Creativity, and Technology. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Communication and Listening. Diversity and Inclusion. Career Management. Teamwork and Collaboration. Professionalism, Work Ethic, and Integrity. And Leadership.

The Flags program prepared me to demonstrate the value of my undergraduate experiences with future graduate schools and employers.

To raise your FLAGs, consider the following:

Academic Programming
Many FLAGs can be developed in class. For example, you can develop your Communication and Listening FLAG by participating in class presentations and by interacting with your classmates to accomplish assignments.

Join a student organization
There are over 200 student organizations at OU! By joining one (or more!) you’ll work to raise your FLAGs throughout your time here at Oakland. During your upperclassmen years, you could join an organization e-board to raise your Leadership and Teamwork and Collaboration FLAGs.

Get an on-campus job
On-campus jobs help raise many of your FLAGs simultaneously! For example, these jobs can raise your Professionalism, Work Ethic and Integrity FLAG by giving you experience in a professional work environment.

Complete an internship or participate in experiential learning
Similarly, to on-campus jobs, internships help you raise many FLAGs at once. For example, an internship will allow you to make progress in raising your Career Management FLAG by giving you direct, career-related work experience.

Join a club or intramural sport
Sports are a great way to raise your Teamwork and Collaboration FLAG.

Volunteer in the community
Volunteering allows you to raise your Diversity and Inclusion FLAG by potentially exposing yourself to another culture or lifestyle.

FLAGs is designed to help you identify and exemplify the skills and  knowledge that you possess, so you can articulate your strengths accurately during future graduate school or employment interviews. By identifying and tracking your progress in raising your FLAGs, you’ll be prepared to reference your experiences and apply them to applicable situations.

Please see the following samples utilizing FLAGs:

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