Center for Biomedical Research

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Yang Xia, Director


Since it was founded in 1957, Oakland University has been widely recognized for the quality of its undergraduate degree programs in the sciences. This reputation is, in large part, due to recruitment of very productive research-oriented faculty. The publication and grants records of Oakland University faculty are, on a per capita basis, among the top in Michigan. Furthermore, faculty members working in biomedical research areas have been the most productive.

In 1980, a new interdepartmental program leading to a B.S. in Biochemistry was initiated. This undergraduate program is research-oriented and its graduates are sought after by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

In 1983, a Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences with specializations in Health & Environmental Chemistry and in Medical Physics were inaugurated. Graduates of this program have been actively recruited for positions in government and industry.

In 1987, a Research Excellence Program in Biochemistry & Biotechnology was initiated with assistance from the State of Michigan. This program includes rigorous applied research in specialized areas and a commitment to high-technology business development in Southeastern Michigan. The development of a program that supports commercial applications of the basic research conducted by a highly productive group of faculty is a logical utilization of one of this institution's strengths to fulfill one of its key missions.

In 1989, an Institute for Biochemistry and Biotechnology was formed to further enhance opportunities for research collaboration and increased biomedical research funding.

In 1995, the chairs of the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics, and the coordinator of the Interdepartmental Biochemistry Committee, and the director of The Institute for Biochemistry and Biotechnology proposed the development of a new Center for Biomedical Research to incorporate and expand on the activities initiated by the Institute for Biochemistry & Biotechnology and the Research Excellence Program in Biochemistry & Biotechnology. For many years the Center flourished under its first director, Prof. Denis Callewaert. 

In 2009, Prof. Bradley Roth became the Director of the Center for Biomedical Research. In 2020, Prof. Yang Xia became the Director of the Center for Biomedical Research. The Center continues its support of biomedical research at Oakland University.