Christine Stover

Coordinator of Broadcast Services, 

Faculty Adviser for WXOU and 

Full-time Adjunct Faculty

Office:   304A Wilson Hall

Christine Stover (M.A., Central Michigan University; Ph.D. Candidate, Wayne State University) is adjunct faculty, coordinator of Broadcast Services and faculty adviser for  WXOU. She teaches a range of courses including Introduction to Broadcasting, Forms and Effects of Mass Communication, Advanced Radio Production, and Persuasion. She is a recipient of the Faculty Advisor of the Year Award for her outstanding work with WXOU. Stover is a doctoral student of media studies at Wayne State University. Her primary areas of research focus on how journalistic frameworks affect receivers’ abilities to interpret and respond in times of crisis. She also is interested in the effectiveness of media health campaigns, agenda setting, and how media policies affect the flow of information across society. Her dissertation investigates the agenda setting function of the mass media within the context of new/social media. She also conducts research for the National Center for Food Protection and Defense in the area of organizational and risk communication. Her most recent publication can be found in  The Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition.