Dr. Jeff Youngquist
Associate Professor &
Chair of the Department of Communication and Journalism

Office:   316A Wilson Hall
Phone:   (248) 370-4122

Dr. Jeff Youngquist (Ph.D., Wayne State University) is an associate professor, specializing in organizational and interpersonal communication, and the Chairperson of the Department of Communication and Journalism. He also is the co-chair of the Communication Division of the Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters. Dr. Youngquist comes to us from Wayne State University, where he was the recipient of the Elizabeth Youngjohn Award for teaching excellence and the Graduate Research Award. His primary research interests focus on issues of privacy, control, power, and dominance in both the interpersonal and organizational context and how these dynamics are created and maintained through verbal and nonverbal communication. Secondary interests include gender and also communication ethics. His most recent publications include book chapters in Transformation in Teaching and Casing Organizational Communication and journal articles in Communication Studies, the Journal of Language and Social Psychology and the Ohio Communication Journal. This fall, he is presenting his research at a conference in Lugano, Switzerland, for the Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction division of the European Communication Research and Education Association. 
Dr. Youngquist teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. He is involved in the Graduate Committee and recently facilitated the presentations of three of his graduate students at the National Communication Ethics Conference at Duquesne University
Jeff Youngquist
Selected Publications:
•Youngquist, J. (2012). Somebody different. In J.S. Wrench (Ed.), Casing Organizational Communication. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt. 
•Crabill, S., Youngquist, J., & Cayanus, J. (2012). Second life: Reducing public speaking apprehension. In C. Cheal, J. Coughlin, & S. Moore (Eds.), Transformation in teaching: Social media strategies in higher education (pp. 139-158). Santa Rosa, CA: Informing Science Press.
•Youngquist, J. (2009). The effect of interruptions and dyad gender combination on perceptions of interpersonal dominance. Communication Studies, 60(2), 147-163.