Software Installation Request

For instructional purposes, if an additional piece of software is required that's not part of the standard General Purpose Classroom software complement, one may arrange for the software installation with CSITS. Please review the following checklist before submitting your work request:
  • Licensing: Make certain that the required license to install the software in a classroom environment has been obtained. CSITS does not purchase nor maintain software licenses on behalf of other departments or individuals. Licensing for software must be obtained by the department or individual initiating the request--with verifiable proof upon request.
  • Textbook software: Software packages that accompany textbooks are not exempt from the software license review policy. If using software that accompanies a textbook, then acquire approval of the End User License Agreement (EULA) before submitting the request to CSITS for installation to the classroom. If the approval has not yet been obtained before the installation request is submitted to CSITS, we may assist with the license review application process (See note below in Lead-time).
  • Media: Software requests available via Internet download must include the link to the software download; software not available via Internet download must have media provided to CSITS. Media may be delivered in-person or sent via inter-office mail to CLASSROOM SOFTWARE INSTALLATION REQUEST at 116 Varner Hall.
  • Location(s): Please be able to provide a complete list of all classrooms in which you will be teaching with the requested software.
  • Lead-time: Please allow sufficient lead-time for software to be installed. All software installation requests that require license approval require additional lead-time; as it can take up to two weeks for it to be approved by University Technology Services (UTS). If the software request is made after
  • For each upcoming semester, software installation requests are due two weeks prior to the start of that semester. It is during this two-week time period that all CSITS classrooms receive their semi-annual maintenance, which includes a freshly-installed operating system and any software required for the upcoming term. All software requests received before the maintenance period begins are guaranteed to be fulfilled before classes resume. Software requests received after the maintenance period begins will be fulfilled as access may be gained to the space, which can become quite limited once classes resume.
    • Note: Provided that the software license has been acquired in accordance with university policies, it may immediately install it to department-owned resources, such as a laptop computer, and connect that resource with a classroom presentation system, thereby eliminating all lead-time requirements in the event that time is a factor.  Additionally, a user may utilize Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to connect to an office computer with the software installed (Tutorial videos available here and here).

If, upon review of the above checklist, a software installation request is desired, submit the appropriate information by sending an email to