Report an Incident

Report an Academic Misconduct (ACC) Violation
Oakland University faculty may report suspected academic misconduct by any student to the Dean of Students for review. A report is filed using this online reporting system. Academic violations include cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, resubmission of original work or falsifying official records. General classroom behavior is considered a non-academic violation (see below).

Prior to submitting an allegation, many questions you may have can be answered by reviewing the information found on the Academic Misconduct page.

Reports must be made in a timely manner.  The Academic Conduct Committee may decline to process allegations that are not made in a timely manner.

If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered academic misconduct, please contact the Dean of Students office.

Report a Non-Academic Misconduct Violation
Any member of the university community may report an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct (SCC). Violations of the SCC include any behavior that fails to exhibit the standards of integrity, community, respect and responsibility (e.g., alcohol, drugs, hazing, infliction or threat of bodily harm, theft, vandalism, disorderly conduct, etc.).

If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered a violation of the SCC, please contact the Dean of Students office.

Report Relationship Violence, Interpersonal Violence or Sexual Misconduct
We encourage all members of the OU community to report allegations of relationship violence, interpersonal violence or sexual misconduct. If you are unsure about reporting at this time, please reach out to the OU Counseling Center as a confidential internal resource and/or other community resources that can help guide you.

If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered a violation, please contact the Dean of Students office. If you are a faculty or staff member, you are required to report relationship violence, stalking or sexual misconduct to the university.

Report Concerning, Worrisome or Threatening Behaviors
Students, faculty, staff, parents and others are strongly encouraged to report behaviors that they feel are concerning, worrisome or threatening (no matter how small or insignificant that may seem). Imminent threats (to self or others) should immediately be reported to the Oakland University Police Department (OUPD).

For information regarding the scope of concerning behavior, please visit our Faculty and Staff Resources page.

Report an Academic Issue or Inquire About a University Academic Policy
Oakland University is committed to helping students, staff, faculty, and OU community members find appropriate resolutions for academic concerns as efficiently and effectively as possible. We believe providing a mechanism for academic concerns to be heard gives us the opportunity to improve our services.

If you are a member of the university community who has an academic issue or an academic concern with an individual or department that you are not able to resolve, or have questions or comments about a university academic policy, we are here to assist you.

If you would like to file an academic concern or inquire about an OU academic policy, please fill out an  Academic Affairs Assistance Request Form.