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Asbestos - General Information

Asbestos - General Information

Oakland University makes every effort to manage Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in place, monitoring and encapsulating as needed and generally recommends abatement of ACMs in two circumstances:
  1. Whenever the ACMs are in a friable condition and it appears that managing (e.g., encapsulating) the material in place would be an impractical solution.
  2. Whenever OU employees or contractors are going to be required to perform any activities in/around the ACMs that could cause the material to release fibers.

Oakland University does not perform testing or abatement of suspected ACMs. Only certified abatement contractors are permitted to perform these activities within any campus-owned facility or property.

Before beginning any project or activity that could potentially disturb asbestos fibers, contact Facilities Management or the Office of Environmental Health and Safety for information regarding OU's Asbestos Management Plan.

If damaged or Suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (SACMs) are identified complete a SAR Form and contact Work Control at (248) 370-2381 to initiate the appropriate testing, encapsulation and/or remediation.

How can I tell if something is an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)?