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Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral (found embedded in rock) and is mined from under the ground or from open quarries.
Asbestos has been used as a construction material since the 1930s. Even though health hazards associated with asbestos were
known, it was thought to be irreplaceable. Asbestos is fire and heat resistant, chemical resistant and very durable, in addition
it is a low-cost material.

How can I tell if something is an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)?


  • You CANNOT tell by looking. ACMs closely resemble building materials that do NOT contain asbestos and require laboratory analysis to be certain.
  • OU has "Asbestos Management Plans" that document the results of "representative analyses" performed in nearly every building campus-wide in the late 80s. EH&S and Facilities Management maintain copies of these plans.

What is Asbestos Awareness?
In order to protect employees from potential exposure to Asbestos Containing Material(s) (ACM) and to comply with OSHA 1910.1001 Asbestos Standard for General Industry and 1910.12(b) Asbestos Standard for Construction, all maintenance employees are required to attend Asbestos Awareness Training.

What should employees do if they or their contractor are required to perform activities with/around a material they suspect may be asbestos and these activities would/could cause that material to be damaged or disturbed, thereby potentially releasing fibers?
BEFORE these activities begin, complete an SAR Form and contact the Work Control Center at (248) 370-2381 and request information relative to Asbestos Containing Materials. Facilities Management will consult the Asbestos Management Plans and if unable to determine whether ACMs are present, arrange for a certified asbestos abatement contractor to either test the material or abate it.