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Stipends for Online Program Courses

Quality is an important pillar of course development. In an effort to encourage the development of high quality online courses, e-Learning and Instructional Support (e-LIS) offers an online course development stipend to instructors who develop online courses that are part of a fully or partially (50-99%) online program. Online courses that are not part of a fully or partially (50-99%) online program or non-credit courses do not qualify for this stipend, but faculty can qualify for a stipend via the Quality Online Teaching Certification Courses

Qualifying online courses that are part of a fully or partially (50-99%) online program may fall into one of three categories:
  • New Course: The instructor is developing an online course they have never taught before.

  • Full Redesign of an Existing Course: The instructor is completely redesigning an online course from top to bottom at least two years since they originally developed the course. For example, a full redesign might include changing all of the course curriculum based on industry trends or standards, changing all course content to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and other inclusive pedagogy, or changing the delivery method of the course from synchronous to fully asynchronous.
  • Existing Course Updates: The instructor is making significant updates to an online course at least two years since they originally developed the course. For example, the instructor is recreating all weekly video lecture recordings, changing major assignments and assessments for a portion of the syllabus, changing a portion of the syllabus delivery method, or adding some interactive course content for the first time.

The faculty member or program coordinator needs to complete the Stipend Application Form for each course at least 3 months prior to the beginning of the semester the course will be taught. In situations where a 3 month lead time is not possible, such as late hires or late scheduling, exceptions will be made at the discretion of the e-LIS Instructional Design Team.

Additional requirements:

1. One Required Meeting with the e-LIS Instructional Design Team:

  • This meeting will serve to initiate discussion around the unique benefits given to online program faculty by the instructional design team in terms of course development services.
  • The meeting will occur prior to the start of the semester in which the course will be taught.
    • If you plan to work with the Instructional Designers (ID) to help develop your course, this meeting should ideally occur 3 months before the start of the semester if possible. The collaboration to develop the course and its process will be discussed at the meeting. For example, if the course will be taught in the fall semester with a start date of September 3, this meeting should occur by June 1.
    • If you are not planning to work with the ID team, you can meet at any time before the active semester for the course.

2. One Required Course Review:

  • Once the newly designed/redesigned course has been fully developed, faculty will contact e-LIS Instructional Designers for a course review. This course review may be completed before the semester starts, during the semester, or after the semester is completed depending on when the faculty member completed their course development. A course review consists of the following:
    • The e-LIS Instructional Design Team will complete a quality course review using the OSCQR scorecard.
    • Faculty are encouraged to do a self assessment using the same scorecard prior to the quality course review.
    • Results and feedback will be sent to the faculty.


  • Faculty who qualify will be paid a set amount per credit hour upon completion of course review by the e-LIS ID team, depending on their type of course:
    • New Course: $750 per credit hour ($3,000 for a 4 credit course).
    • Full Redesign of an Existing Course: $375 per credit hour ($1,500 for a 4 credit course).
  • Existing Course Updates: $125 per credit hour ($500 for a 4 credit course).
  • Payments are subject to taxes and withholdings.
  • Payments will be processed only after the ID meeting and course review requirements have been met.
  • Payments will be processed at the beginning of each month.

Additional Program Details:

  • Full and part-time faculty are eligible. Due to how they are paid, graduate assistants are not eligible to receive a stipend.
  • Faculty who have received the CETL Excellence in Teaching and Learning Grant will not qualify for the Online Course Development stipend during the same year.
  • A course is eligible for a stipend in any category only once every two years.
  • Eligible courses must be for credit, and part of a fully or partially (50-99%) online program, coded as ON - Fully Online or N - Primarily Online in Banner. Courses coded as clinical (C), dissertation (D), field experience (F), internship (G), practicum (H), independent study (I), or other course types that do not require extensive Moodle course development are not eligible for stipends.
  • If the course is coded N - Primarily Online, there must be an option to do the on campus work virtually or at a distance.
  • The e-LIS ID team will determine whether a course qualifies for a redesign or existing course updates stipend.
  • Exceptions to this process will be made on an as needed basis at the discretion of the e-LIS staff.

Stipend Application Form