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Eye Research Institute

Dodge Hall
118 Library Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4479
(location map)

Eye Research Institute

Dodge Hall
118 Library Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4479
(location map)

person holding a large model of an eye


The faculty and staff in the ERI are world-renowned scientists and researchers. Their experience extends outside of the lab, lending their expertise to student mentorship and the community.

Headshot of Frank Giblin
Frank Giblin, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Director
Room 422
(248) 370-2395
Headshot of Andrew Goldberg Andrew F.X. Goldberg, Ph.D. Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Room 359
(248) 370-2393
Headshot of Kenneth Mitton
Kenneth P. Mitton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Room 412
(248) 370-2079
Michael Riley, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Sciences

Barry S. Winkler, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Sciences
Room 409
(248) 370-2398

Headshot of Dao-Qi Zhang
Dao-Qi Zhang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Room 423
(248) 370-2399

Headshot of Breyanna Cavanaugh

Breyanna Cavanaugh

Laboratory Coordinator

Room 352

(248) 370-4631

Headshot of Mei Cheng

Mei Cheng

Research Technician

Room 415

(248) 370-4507

Headshot of Wendelin Dailey

Wendy Dailey

Research Technician

Room 402

(248) 370-2912

Headshot of Maria Donovan
Maria Donovan

Master's Student

Room 425

Headshot of Ed Guzman

Ed Guzman

Research Technician

Room 412

(248) 370-2096

Headshot of Jacqueline Hencsie

Jacqueline Hencsie

Operations Coordinator

Room 422

(248) 370-2391

Headshot of Victor Leverenz

Victor Leverenz

Research Technician

Room 345

(248) 370-3697

Headshot of Michelle Milstien

Michelle Milstein

Research Associate

Room 352

(248) 370-4631

Photo of Xiao Zhang

Xiao Zhang
Laboratory Assistant
Room 416
(248) 370-2390

Clinical Staff
Antonio Capone, Jr., M.D.Clinical Professor(248) 288-2280
Marshall N. Cyrlin, M.D.Clinical Professor(248) 353-1750
Kimberly Drenser, M.D., Ph.D.Clinical Associate Professor(248) 288-2280
Bruce Garretson. M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(248) 288-2280
Robert Granadier, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(248) 551-2020
John Hart, Jr., M.DClinical Assistant Professor(248) 288-2280
Tarek Hassan, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(248) 288-2280
Rajesh Rao, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(248) 538-7400
Alan Ruby, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(248) 288-2280
Michael Trese, M.D.Clinical Professor(248) 288-2280
George Williams, M.D.Clinical Professor(248) 288-2280