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Eye Research Institute

Dodge Hall
118 Library Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4479
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Eye Research Institute

Dodge Hall
118 Library Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4479
(location map)

Victoria Anna Kimler, Ph.D.

Vickie Kimler

Laboratory Manager
Ocular Structure and Imaging Facility
Eye Research Institute
428/431 Dodge Hall

B.S. from Eastern Michigan University
1981, Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States

M.S. from Eastern Michigan University
1985, Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States
Biology with Physiology Concentration

Ph.D. from Wayne State University
1993, Detroit, Michigan, United States
Cell Biology/Neurosciences Interdisciplinary Program

Postdoctoral from Rosalind Franklin University
1994, North Chicago, Illinois, United States
Muscle Physiology

Postdoctoral from The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
1995, Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Cardiac Structure and Function

Dr. Vickie Kimler comes to us from a recent position as research scientist from the Center for Integrative Metabolic and Endocrine Research at Wayne State University, where she performed all electron microscopic projects for the Center from 2009-2014. Before that Vickie was employed as a vocational rehabilitation instructor and case manager at Broe Rehabilitation Services after receiving her C.M.A. associate’s degree at Baker College of Auburn Hills in 2008. She also has worked as the laboratory manager in the Sleep Research Laboratory at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Detroit after five years assistant professorship teaching pathophysiology and physiology to nursing students at the University of Detroit Mercy. During this time, Vickie shared research with Dr. Charles R.C. Marks in the Program in Exercise Sciences at Oakland University with minor funding. Vickie was appointed adjunct affiliate Clinical Associate Professor of Health Sciences at Oakland University for her mentorship of several M.S. students and for the research on exercise performance and fruit antioxidant nutrition. After her postdoctoral studies commencing in 1995, Vickie was assistant professor at Mercyhurst College teaching health sciences classes in the Biology Department. She ran a well-funded laboratory with $85.5K in grant monies from the Hess-Roth-Kaminsky Urological Foundation, Hamot Hospital Second Century Fund and the Hank and Peggy Pietraszek Fund Programs. Vickie has over fifteen years’ experience in electron microscopy from her doctoral studies on pigmentary organelle translocation in fishes all the way to lipid droplet physiology and morphology investigations, both at WSU, before her work at the ERI’s OSI. It is interesting to note that her career also began in eye research, where she was research coordinator on all projects with and for residents under the mentorship of the late Leslie J. Fisher, PhD, at the Henry Ford Hospital Department of Ophthalmology during 1935-1985. Dr. Fisher and his team examined the effect of tuftsin on rod outer segment phagocytosis in the retina in human, bovine and murine models.

Publications Since 2000

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Michigan Microscopy and Microanalysis Society, President, 2013-2015, 2017-2019