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(If your question is time sensitive, please call the office.)

M-F: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Checklist for New Students

Help your student make a healthy transition to college by taking the following steps. Click here to print.

Immunizations, health examination and health history:

  • Have a comprehensive health examination of your student completed before they leave for college.
  • Update immunizations before your student leaves for school.  Students who are new to Oakland University should provide an official copy of their full immunization record to the Graham Health Center. If you were born and raised in Michigan, you can create an account and access your full immunization record from the Michigan Care Improvement RegistryIf you are not a local resident, please contact your primary care provider for a copy of your immunization record.
  • Upload your immunization record to the Graham Health Center patient portal by sending a secure message with an attachment.  
  • Make sure your student understands his/her health history.  Log into the portal to enter your medical history.  This will save time at future appointments and help us know about you when you come for an appointment!
  • Students should have a record of their prescriptions including doses and reason for medication. For students with chronic/serious medical problems, a physician summary should be provided to GHC.
  • If your student is under 18 please complete the Consent to Treatment form and submit to GHC, and upload it to the patient portal.


  • Update any prescription medications.
  • Arrange for a supply of medications to bring to school.
  • You may arrange for allergy injections at GHC upon completion of the Allergy Injection Form.

Health Insurance:

  • Inform your health insurance company that your student will be away at college, and inquire about the level of coverage in the Rochester area. Ask whether your plan reimburses for services at college student health centers.
  • Provide an insurance card or a photocopy (front and back) and encourage your student to carry it with him/her.
  • Discuss with your student when and how to use health insurance.

Graham Health and OU Counseling Center:

  • Identify available health resources on-campus with your student. For more information about Graham Health Center and OU Counseling Center visit our websites.
  • If you think your child may use counseling services call the OU Counseling Center before school starts to talk to the psychologists and perhaps even set up a first appointment.
  • Visit for tips on managing time, reducing stress and making a smooth transition to college.
  • Be familiar with evening and weekend resources for emergencies.

Assemble a health care kit:

  • Provide your student with a container of band-aids, acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, cold medications, digital thermometer and chemical cold pack.

Emergency preparedness:

  • Develop a crisis communication plan to stay in contact. Identify a meeting place, as well as a contact person outside the local calling area (should direct communication be compromised).