The Campaign for Oakland University


$136,831,075 RAISED

$150,000,000 GOAL

And long after our faces have disappeared from the scene and these stones and bricks have withered and weathered, the real gift and the real memorial to Mrs. Wilson will be written in the lives of tens of thousands of youngsters who will tread these halls, coming from every corner of the universe, and the studying in a great complex university which Oakland is certain to become. Mrs. Wilson, we and our children are forever in your debt and we thank you.

It started as an idea. An opportunity. A path upward for those willing to make the climb. Sixty years ago — in a remarkable act of philanthropy — Alfred and Matilda Dodge Wilson donated two million dollars and their vast estate to create a revolutionary institution for higher learning.

A seed was planted. An idea took root. They aspired for excellence.

Oakland University has advanced on the challenge.

With passion and determination, we have propelled into all facets of the human experience.

We have transformed the lives of more than 100,000 students. Sparking curiosity, enabling innovation, empowering voices.

Creating opportunity for all the dreamers and doers who were ready to change lives. The stage is set again. We are stronger.

We are more determined than ever. The next level of transformation starts now.

The legacy we build today, transforms the generations who follow in our foot prints.

Paving the way for their achievement, their advances, and the unimaginable new world waiting to be created with their hands.

We light the path so they can unearth discoveries. We unleash their passion and power.

Like those who came before us

This is how we challenge the next generation.

This is how we transform the world.

This is how we achieve.

Oakland University is recognized as a student-centered, doctoral research institution with a global perspective. Our students and faculty are dedicated to a distinct educational experience in more than 130 undergraduate and 135 graduate degree programs and certificates, meaningful research in a variety of fields, study abroad, community engagement, and other opportunities that bring knowledge to life in ways that benefit members of our campus and surrounding communities and, indeed, the world.

The comprehensive campaign for Oakland University accelerates our mission in education through these key pillars:

Student Success

Investment will create access to educational opportunities, enabling students from diverse backgrounds, with diverse needs and goals, to excel in the classroom and beyond. Scholarships and other support funds will improve our ability to recruit and retain high achieving scholars and ensure they have a successful journey at Oakland.

Teaching, Research and Discovery

Investment will create institutes and centers of excellence that enable faculty and students to pursue specialized areas of study and research. Funds will also enhance Oakland’s ability to recruit and retain top faculty and support the research, scholarship, and other contributions made towards enriching the academic environment. Building faculty talent with endowed professorships and chairs will attract the brightest students, elevate student learning, and foster more collaboration with corporate and foundation partners.

Community Collaboration

Investment will enable students and faculty to make meaningful connections between Oakland University and its community, fostering partnerships and programs that will make an important difference in meeting the needs of citizens and the campus community.

Campus Expansion

Creating new space and enhancing current facilities will enable students and faculty to connect with campus through meaningful research, student life, and professional development opportunities. Improved labs and other learning spaces will bring classroom theory to life for today’s students and countless future students.

Innovative Programs

Enhancements to programming and curriculum enable Oakland University to build new and advanced degree programs and concentrations, expand course offerings, and provide supplemental training designed to prepare today’s students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful leaders following graduation.