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Ashley Niemi, '18

Ashley Niemi, '18

The OU Macomb Scholarship allowed Ashley to quit two of her three jobs and focus on student teaching and volunteering in the community.

New Baltimore, MI

Elementary Education 

Post-graduation plans:
I work at an elementary school in Mt. Clemens with at-risk children. Throughout the day, I have different groups K-5 students come to my classroom where we work on reading and writing strategies, and basic math skills to help them in their classrooms. I eventually plan to get my Master’s Degree from OU.

How did receiving a scholarship help you?
I funded my undergrad degree by working three jobs. Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to quit two of my three jobs during student teaching. This allowed me to be the best educator I could be during that semester while still able to afford daily things like car insurance, gas, food, and of course coffee! I was also able to use my extra time volunteering for local organizations.  

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If you could meet someone who helped fund that scholarship, what would you tell them?
If I met someone who helped fund my scholarship, I would be brought to tears. I was so thrilled to receive this scholarship. Working three jobs while taking 16 credits at a time was extremely difficult. They helped me focus on my dream of being a teacher for my last semester of school. 

What was the best thing about OU?
The best thing about OU was the community I was a part of during my two-year cohort. Our cohort still talks daily! We invite each other to our big moments such as birthday parties and weddings. During those rough few semesters, we helped each other succeed and reach our goals. 

What do you love most about your major?
I loved being an elementary education major. I am currently working with at-risk students at an elementary school. Supporting these kids and showing them the importance of education is a huge blessing. 

How did you end up at Oakland University Macomb?
With working all of my jobs, I felt I needed to go to a school with a shorter commute. When I heard they offered my program at the Macomb campus, I was ecstatic! I was able to go to work between classes, park easily, and make my daily routines easier. 

How have alumni played a part in your education?
My sister and my mom both graduated from Oakland University with their undergraduate degrees. Throughout my time at OU, they helped me a lot!