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Matt Guarashio, '19

Matt Guarashio standing in front of a stair case, talking to another person

Clinton Township, MI

Grad year:
December 2019



Criminal Justice 

Career plans:
I accepted an offer with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and start as an Assurance Associate in 2020.

How did you fund your education?
I funded my education through grants/scholarships and working part-time, working 20-25 hours a week since my freshman year.

How did alumni or donors play a part in your education?
I was lucky enough to receive three scholarships, all funded by alumni donors. Alumni have also been part of my education through my participation in Leadership OU, where an OU alumnus served as my mentor.

Do you work while going to school?
I had a part-time job my freshmen and sophomore year at Central Transport, working as a data entry clerk. I had a co-op at DTE for my junior and senior year, and an internship at PwC. I was able to find all of these positions with the help of OU’s Career Services. I had mock interviews and resume reviews with career services, gaining valuable networking skills through ACHIEVE (SBA career development program) that helped me successfully land all three positions.

What student organizations are you involved in?
I am involved with Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), serving as treasurer until I graduate. I participated in Leadership OU as a mentee. I’m a student member of the Michigan Association of CPAs (MICPA), treasurer of Beta Alpha Psi, the vice president of Oakland Accounting Students Informational Society (OASIS) and an ambassador for the School of Business Administration.

What is the best thing about OU?
All the resources, programs and organizations make OU unique and give us an advantage over our peers that attend other Michigan universities. I hope I’m able to continue to play a role in the success of OU and its students through these resources.

Career services and ACHIEVE have been incredibly beneficial for me, but there are other programs on campus that have helped too. Leadership OU offered me an opportunity to have a formal mentor while working on my leadership and networking skills. I’ve learned more about my profession by going to business student organization meetings. I’ve developed my public speaking skills and leadership skills by serving as an Ambassador for the School of Business Administration. I obtained leadership opportunities by serving as an e-board member for student organizations the past two years.

What do you love most about your major?
I love that I was able to meet so many like-minded people (some that’ll be lifelong friends) by being involved on campus and meeting people in class or other events.

What is your favorite OU tradition?
My favorite OU tradition might not be considered a tradition, but it’s a place where I was able to make friends, learn about career opportunities, and take on leadership roles: OASIS’s weekly Thursday meetings. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. I knew where I had to be. It’s been a constant in my life for the past three years. When the opportunity knocked for me to take on a larger role in the organization, I jumped at it, serving as co-treasurer my junior year and vice president my senior year.

Why did you choose OU?
t was close to home, I could commute and save money. Plus, the financial aid package meant I wouldn’t have to take on unnecessary debt if I could also work while attending school.

Looking back, I don’t see myself picking another university to call home. If I hadn’t come to OU, I wouldn’t have had the same job opportunities, met the same people, or been able to participate in all of the programs/resources I did.

Do you have other family members that have gone to OU (legacy family)?
I am a first-generation college student. I don’t think my family thought college was an opportunity I’d be able to have because of the cost associated with attending.

I really didn’t have the support network to navigate the early stages of applying to college. Though my family offered as much support as they could, encouraging me to do better than they had, I had to find expertise elsewhere that would help me have a successful experience. OU’s First Year Advising Center (FYAC) and financial aid office helped with figuring out what I wanted to do and how I’d be able to afford college.

Favorite place on campus:
I’ve always admired how beautiful and spotless our campus is, it really is the hidden gem of Auburn Hills and Rochester. My favorite place is also my ‘study spot’ --the Elliott Hall computer lab has served me well as a hangout spot, a spot to work on group projects with classmates, and just a place to chill in-between classes.