OU launches first-ever Honors Inclusion Conference

OU launches first-ever Honors Inclusion Conference
Martin Dupuis
Martin Dupuis, associate dean of The Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida, delivers his presentation, "Increasing Diversity in Honors through a Mentoring Partnership with local Title I High Schools."

This week, the Oakland University Honors College kicked off the inaugural Honors Inclusion Conference. The three-day event, which is being held in Oak View Hall, is geared toward university faculty, admissions officers, academic advisers, honors program staff, graduate students, high school teachers and others interested in enhancing inclusivity in honors education nationwide. 


The conference also marks the launch of the National Society for Minorities in Honors (NSFMIH), an organization dedicated to promoting equity and diversity in honors education. 


OU Honors College Dean Graeme Harper spearheaded the conference, which he sees as a key opportunity for attendees to discuss and network among peers to support diversity and inclusion in honors education. 


Michael Daher

Michael Daher, director of the Henry Ford II Honors Program at Henry Ford College, presents his talk, "Tapestry of Diversity: Honors Education at Henry Ford College."

“Diversity involves everyone,” Dr. Harper said. “Honors education has to be about supporting anyone who seeks to pursue educational excellence, and we need to develop better ways of doing that, of understanding how to overcome obstacles to doing that, and of developing educational partnerships and collaborations that assist us in doing that.” 


The conference features speakers from around the country, as well as OU faculty and students. OU Honors College member Christina Root is participating in a student panel titled, “Honors, Diversity and Inclusion.”


“One of the topics we’ll be talking about is how to increase diversity in the Honors College here at OU,” the social work major said.


Root, who serves as president of OU’s International Allies Organization and works in the International Students and Scholars Office on campus, added she is interested in helping raise the number of international students in OU's Honors College.


The conference wraps up Friday at noon. 


Learn more about OU’s Honors College at Oakland.edu/hc.