Oak View Hall Becoming a Dedicated Honors College Residence in Fall 2018

Oak View Hall Becoming a Dedicated Honors College Residence in Fall 2018
Oak View Hall Honors College group photo taken at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester.

Oak View Hall will become a dedicated Honors College facility on Oakland University’s main campus beginning with the Fall 2018 semester, according to Director of University Housing James Zentmeyer and Honors College Dean Graeme Harper, Ph.D., DCA.


“The Honors College growth has been on a moonshot trajectory over the past several years with more and more students wanting to become of a part of our program,” said Dean Harper. “This new housing approach will give many more of our students the opportunity to work, live and learn from each other in ways that will further guarantee their success.”


Honors College students wishing to live in Oak View Hall next year will submit contracts for the 504-bed facility with freshman expected to reside in the double style rooms while upper class students will have access to the private bedroom suites. Oak View will not be the only housing utilized by the Honors College population, however.


“When we considered the opening of the new 750-bed Hillcrest south campus housing facility next fall, paired with the dramatic growth in Honors College students submitting housing requests, we realized the math will allow us an opportunity to transform Oak View into a very unique specialized living and learning environment,” said Zentmeyer. “With the size and diversity of the Honors College student population, we will fortunately be able to welcome Honors College residents into many of our OU Housing facilities.”


Oak View Hall opened as a state-of-the-art facility in the Fall 2014 and is currently the newest-built housing facility on campus.

Harper, who is also Director, Michigan Center for Undergraduate Research added, “With Oak View Hall being offered to Honors College students next year, it will give this group an opportunity to combine study with access to exciting Honors College events and activities, as well as provide wonderful accommodations and a range of spaces for small and large group study meetings.”

In September 2017, the Honors College freshman student enrollment number grew for the fifth straight year. There are approximately 450 students in the most recent class, showing more than a 10 percent increase over the prior year. Honors College students come from all areas of study, including pre-medicine, healthcare and nursing (30 percent); engineering and computer science (30 percent); other sciences (15 percent); business (10 percent); and arts and social sciences (15 percent).

This year's record-breaking freshmen class enters Oakland the same year the Honors College graduated the most students in its history. Additionally, an unprecedented number of Honors College students were accepted into graduate schools of their choice, locally and across the nation.   

Learn more about the Honors College at oakland.edu/hc.