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University Housing

Hamlin Hall, Room 448
550 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)
(248) 370-3570
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

University Housing

Hamlin Hall, Room 448
550 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)
(248) 370-3570
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Academic Support

The academic support you receive while living on campus empowers you to succeed in and out of the classroom. You’ll learn how to study better, how to manage your time effectively and how to make decisions that affect you positively.

Student Success Services

University Housing's Student Success services encourage and empower you to achieve academic excellence. We believe that each student has the ability to succeed by engaging actively in the learning process. By utilizing our resources and meeting with the Student Success staff, you can become an active participant in your education and reach your personal goals. 

Our Student Success team is available to all residents, Monday through Friday. All appointments are held virtually via Google Meet, and students can schedule an appointment using our online scheduling system. If you are in need of special accommodations, such as in-person meetings or proper technology to support virtual appointments, please email and we will do our best to support your request.

We can help residents with:

  • Adjustment to online learning environments
  • Career and major exploration
  • Test anxiety
  • Study skills
  • Campus involvement and inclusion
  • Improving academic performance
  • Certain school supplies for those in need

How to schedule an appointment:
Click here to view our online scheduling system and choose a time that is convenient for you!

Interested in tutoring?
Check out our Tutoring Resources tab, or visit the Find a Tutor site to view APM availability and schedule a session.

Additional resources

Have questions?
Please connect with us by calling (248) 370-3941, or emailing


Student Success Staff
Michele Applebee
Assistant Director
for Residential Student Success
304 Hillcrest Hall
(248) 370-3323

Sarah Robinson
Student Success Coordinator
304 Hillcrest Hall
(248) 370-3943

Brendan Scorpio
Graduate Assistant,
Student Success
(248) 370-3944

Brianna Kenny

Graduate Assistant,
Academic Peer Mentor

Nick Ronzi

Graduate Assistant,
Academic Peer Mentor
Academic Peer Mentors

Academic Peer Mentors (APMs) are current students and certified tutors who can provide residents and commuters with academic support in a variety of courses. APMs also host virtual office hours, present online programming, and more.

Use the Find a Tutor site to view availability and to schedule a 30-minute session. These sessions are open to all OU students!

Virtual programming
APMs regularly host virtual programs using Google Meet. More information on these fun and educational programs can be found in the bi-weekly Residence Life and Student Success Updates newsletter sent to our residents at their email addresses. They are also advertised on fliers posted throughout the residential communities, and on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Virtual “open door” hours
Several APMs have weekly “open door” hours using Google Meet. Students can use the time to ask course-specific questions, general academic questions, or questions about anything related to college life. Students are welcome to join the session using the provided link at any time during the scheduled hour.

Nursing major
Mondays, 2-3 p.m.Click here to join
Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences - Medical Laboratory Sciences major
Mondays, 6-7 p.m.Click here to join
Bioengineering major
Mondays, 7-8 p.m.Click here to join
Biomedical Sciences major
Tuesdays, 6-7 p.m.Click here to join
Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences - Pre-Professional major
Thursdays, 6:30-7:30 p.m.Click here to join
Accounting major
Fridays, 8:30-9:30 a.m.Click here to join
Mechanical Engineering major
Mondays, 2-3 p.m.Click here to join

Get rewarded
Student of the Month
APMs nominate one student each month during the fall and winter semester for their academic efforts. This student will receive a certificate and a prize and will be featured on social media, digital signage, and in our e-newsletter.

Virtual Loyalty Cards
Residents are rewarded for their involvement with the APM and Student Success program. Earn eight stamps within the designated time period and you will receive a prize!

  • Opt in during a virtual program, tutor night or open door hours by telling an APM that you would like to participate. Residents can also join by telling a Student Success staff member during a virtual meeting, or by emailing

  • Stamps can be earned by attending any APM-hosted event or open door hours, as well as meetings with Student Success Staff. *Students must ask for a virtual stamp during these meetings or events.

  • The following restrictions apply:
    • Stamps can only be earned when requested during an approved event or meeting.
    • Students must opt in each month, and stamps do not carry over month to month. 

Interested in applying for an APM position?
Click here to learn how! 

Have questions? 
Connect with us by calling (248) 370-3941, or by emailing

Tutoring Resources

Academic Peer Mentors provide tutoring support for all Oakland University students who are currently enrolled in courses. 

In conjunction with The Tutoring Center and other campus partners, University Housing is pleased to offer students access to the Find a Tutor website. Through this site, our APM staff members are able to provide invaluable support for a wide variety of courses. On Find a Tutor, you can search by course number, tutor or day to schedule your virtual 30-minute session. If you prefer a tutor who is also an APM, their title will be visible next to their name and they will generally work in the evenings from 8-11:00 p.m. We encourage you to explore your options today.

Available Fall 2020 course support:

ACC 2000, ACC 2100, ACC 3100, ACC 3110, ACC 3180, ACC 3200
Art History
AH 1002
Applied Language Studies
ALS 1101
BIO 1200, BIO 1300, BIO 2101, BIO 2600, BIO 3210, BIO 3232, BIO 3621, BIO 4100, BIO 4226
Clinical & Diagnostic Science
CDC 2010, CDC 2050, CDC 2260, CDC 4000
CHM 1440, CHM 1450, CHM 1470, CHM 1480, CHM 2010, CHM 2340, CHM 2350, CHM 2370, CHM 3420
COM 2000, COM 2403
Computer Science & Information
CSI 1200
DAN 1375
ECN 2010, ECN 2020, ECN 3030, ECN 3210, ECN 3730
EGR 1200, EGR 1400, EGR 2400, EGR 2500, EGR 2600, EGR 2800
ENG 1500, ENG 2100, ENG 2110, ENG 2300, ENG 2500, ENG 3220, ENG 3240, ENG 3310, ENG 3400, ENG 3420, ENG 3660, ENG 4000, ENG 4900
Health Sciences
HS 2000, HS 2500, HS 3000, HS 4900
HST 1100, HST 1200, HST 2010, HST 3485, HST 3900
International Studies
IS 2300
Industrial & Systems Engineering
ISE 1170
IT 1140, IT 1150, IT 2140
LIN 1182
Mechanical Engineering
ME 3250, ME 3300, ME 3500, ME 3700, ME 4220
MGT 3500
Management Information Systems
MIS 1000, MIS 3000
MTH 0661, MTH 0662, MTH 1222, MTH 1554,  MTH 1555, MTH 2554, MTH 2775,  MTH 3002, MTH 4114, MTH 4775
MUA 1010, MUA 1051
NRS 2010, NRS 2012, NRS 2014, NRS 2020, NRS 2024, NRS 3012, NRS 3015, NRS 3016, NRS 3022, NRS 3025, NRS, 3026
Organizational Behavior
ORG 3300, ORG 3310
PHL 1000, PHL 1100, PHL 1300, PHL 1310, PHL 1610, PHL 1620
PHY 1100, PHY 1510
Political Science
PS 1100, PS 1400, PS 1600, PS 2500, PS 2550, PS 3605
PSY 1000, PSY 2050, PSY 2250, PSY 2400, PSY 2500, PSY 3210, PSY 3300
Quantitative Methods
QMM 2410
Secondary Education
SED 1000, SED 3000, SED 3001
SOC 1000
SPN 1140, SPN 1150, SPN 2140, SPN 2150, SPN 3140
STA 2220, STA 2226
Theatre Arts
THA 1000
Writing and Rhetoric
WRT 1050, WRT 1060, WRT 3082