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An aerial photo of the skyline in Taiwan.

Chinese Language and Culture in Taiwan

National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Welcoming people from different cultures to the National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) to learn the true beauty of the Chinese Language and further broadening their horizons has always been the goal of our university. NDHU provides qualified students with the Taiwan Huayu BEST program scholarship to support students financially. In addition, to strengthen coming students’ Chinese language proficiency, the university offers students 15 hours per week Chinese language training courses developed by NDHU-Chinese Language Center (NDHU-CLC). View the Introduction of National Dong Hwa University and the Chinese language center.

Application deadline for Summer 2022 is February 1, 2022.

For more information contact:

Melanie Chang, Program Director
Modern Languages and Literatures
(248) 370-4248

Yu-chuan Chen, Program Advisor
Art and Art History
(248) 370-2541

Peggy Chiu, Program Advisor
School of Business Administration
(248) 370-4411

Chiaoning Su, Program Advisor
Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations
(248) 370-4049

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Where you will be

National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan has three campuses: the main campus locates in ShouFeng, Hualien (which is 6 miles to the Pacific Ocean), and the other two campuses locate in Meilun, Hualien, and Pingtung. Students will mainly stay and study at the main campus where most of the colleges are situated and has the closest access to the school’s international services and other services for assisting international students from around the world.

The ShouFeng campus is one of the largest campuses in Taiwan. It is a peaceful place surrounded by mountains and close to the coast. There are six colleges situated on this campus.  In addition to the College of Humanity and Social Science, Management, Arts, Environmental Studies, and Science and Engineering, National Dong Hwa University is the only university in Taiwan that has the College of Indigenous Studies for students who are interested in studying the diverse cultures and history about the aboriginals and ethnicity.

Taiwan is a land full of interesting things to explore. In addition to traveling around Hualien, students are encourage to visit other Taiwanese historic and natural landmarks in other places, such as the High-Heel Wedding Church, Chimei Museum, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, National Taichung Theater, Longshan Temple, Formosa Boulevard MRT Station Kaohsiung, Fort Zeelandia, Liberty Square, National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Yushan National Park, Alishan Science Mountain Area, Sun Moon Lake, Maokong, Rainbow Village, Miramar Ferris Wheel, Yangmingshan geysers, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Pingxi, Jiufen, to name a few. Students will live and study in Hualien city, not as a casual tourist, but as a temporary resident in one of the world’s most dynamic regions, surrounded by natural environment, historical treasures, and the forces which contour the 21st century.

What you will learn

A cumulative GPA of 2.9 or higher is required to apply to the program.

The Chinese courses offered by NDHU-CLC not only assist students in improving Chinese language proficiency, but also provide transferrable credits to their home university. As a result, students do not need to worry about the risk of retaking a similar course after completing the hours at NDHU.

Besides meeting the curriculum requirements of our partner universities, NDHU-CLC provides various Chinese language and culture courses to assist students in achieving their success in both Chinese language learning and cultural studies. All students will be placed to the appropriate program according to their level of Chinese, needs, and interests. In the case that a student is placed at the advance level, she/he may choose to join any courses that offered by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature or the Department of Sinophone Literature, according to her/his degree, major, and interest. Students who desire to implement their Chinese language ability into their daily life can enroll courses which include various extracurricular activities provided by NDHU-CLC.

NDHU-CLC offers various courses to fit with a variety of students’ personal needs and availability. There are intensive training classes, seasonal classes, Chinese general education classes, business training courses, online courses, and classes during summer and winter breaks.

Learn more information about NDHU-CLC.

Useful links about NDHU:

12-week Language Programs

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What you will do

Hualien is the most favorite travel destination for locals and international travelers due to its towering peaks, azure skies, endless turquoise sea, scenic valleys, cultural diversity, and warm and enthusiastic people.

There are several travelling spots where students can spend their leisure time to experience the beauty of Taiwan. Students will find like hiking the the magnificent gorges at Taroko National Park, Chungchun Temple Trail, and Swallow Grotto. Water activities abound on tribal tours at Xiuguluan River, Changhong Bridge, and Shakadang Trail. Students can take a closer look or even interact with the sea animals, there are dolphin and whale watching tours at Hualien Harbor and Farglory Ocean Park, which is only 11 minutes away from the campus by car. Students can release their stress with a visit to Ruisui, Hongye, and Antong, which have hot springs and panoramic views.  Or, they tour Chinan National Forest Recreation Area, Danongdafu Forest Park, and East Rift Valley National Science Area, which is famous for the attractive flower fields in the Hegang Visitor Center. The university offers cultural tours for all students to join to create opportunities and encourage students to experience and learn the beauty of Taiwan.

What to bring

In addition to a valid passport, visa, several extra passport-sized photos should be packed, along with student identification (for discounted admission to venues).

As Hualien is often rainy, an umbrella or a raincoat is vital. A comfortable walking shoes and slippers are essential, as National Dong Hwa University is one of the largest campus in Taiwan. For students who are taking any medication, remember to prepare prescribed medicine, including any equipment and medication to relieve allergic reactions. Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and wipes are recommended.

For electrical usage, remember to bring a plug converter and power adapter if needed (available in Taiwan, as well). An early spring jacket or sweatshirt for the plane ride and outfits for a different season; a swimsuit and play cloth will be appropriate. Materials used for the research project, ideally in digital form, should also be carried.


For individual students:

NDHU-CLC Seasonal Courses

  • Spring Course: Beginning of March – the end of May
  • Summer Course: Beginning of June – the end of August
  • Fall Course: Beginning of September – the end of November
  • Winter Course: Beginning of December – the end of February
  • Online Application

For OU group program, please contact:
Melanie Chang, Program Director
Modern Languages and Literatures
(248) 370-4248


Chinese Language and Culture in Taiwan
National Dong Hwa University
12-week programs begin in March, June, September, December

Number of credits: 12 credits (12 weeks, 3 hours/day, 15 hours/week)
Program cost: $1,200
Application deposit: $0
Accommodations: Double occupancy - $240, Single occupancy - $360
Meals: $800
Excursions: included in program cost
Airfare: not included, approximately $1,600
Books and supplies: $100
Extra costs: passport, visa, personal incidentals

Scholarship: A 3-year grant supports most of the program cost. All admitted students will automatically receive $2550 for the 12-week program ($850/month).