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German Contemporary Dance

This course will take place in Berlin, Germany. Students will be immersed in the culture of one of Europe’s artistic and intellectual centers. The program includes dance technique classes, rehearsals, lectures, and readings on contemporary issues in dance, an important part of German cultural history. Classes, lectures, and rehearsals will take place at the Uferstudios Center for Contemporary Dance, and the Tanzfabrik Berlin. Students will take daily technique classes with German dance artists in contemporary dance, as well as learn choreography from German choreographers. The performance aspect of this course will culminate in a showing at the Uferstudios. Oakland University students will perform their own works from Oakland Dance Theatre productions as well as new works learned in Berlin.

Germany is the birthplace of modern dance, and dance and theatre production dramaturgy. The country’s history is interwoven with its dance, music, art, literature, architecture, religion, and history. In addition to the direct dance training and rehearsals, students will see performances and visit museums and other cultural sites in one of Europe’s most exciting capitals.  The German Contemporary Dance Program runs every three years. Next Program dates TBD.
Where You
Will Be
This course will take place in the city center of Berlin, Germany with classes, rehearsals and performances at the Uferstudios Center for Contemporary Dance. Students will be staying in a youth hotel with other international students. Program fees include full room and board.
What You
Will Do
and learn
What you will do
Students in this course will be primarily focused on learning German contemporary dance and performance. However, there will be opportunities for students to experience Berlin along with college students and artists from all over the world. Visits to the world-class museums such as the Pergamon Museum, the New Museum, the Old National Gallery and performances by the National Ballet, Berlin Philharmonic, and independent artists will be included in the course. Site visits to the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Brandenburg Gate will also be part of the program. Optional day trips to nearby cities such as Potsdam, Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, and Dresden will be available on weekends.

What you will learn
This course will include intensive dance training and rehearsing. The Uferstudios for Contemporary Dance is an international center, and most training will take place in English. Lectures will be held by faculty from both Oakland University as well as from universities in Berlin.

Students will be required to participate in every rehearsal and activity. All students will participate in the final performance and will attend rehearsals as they are cast. Admittance to the program is by audition only. Students do not need to be dance majors, but need to have had extensive training.
What To
Students should bring the supplies they need for dancing, as well as clothes for casual site seeing as well as formal performances. Students will be walking and taking public transportation daily, so they will need to bring appropriate shoes. The weather in May can be mild or very hot, so students should bring both warm weather clothes as well as a jacket and umbrella. Students should bring medication and other personal items. Linens and towels will be provided by the youth hotel. Cell phone usage and electronics will be discussed during course orientation.
The program is scheduled to take place dates TBD. Students will be required to register for the course as well as either audition or submit an audition video. Students from other institutions are eligible to register for the course either for undergraduate or graduate credit and will need to register as a guest through the university. Passport is required, but U.S. citizens do not need a visa for short trips to Germany. Application and deposit ($500) is due by TBD. The remaining fees will be due by TBD, and tuition for Summer I must be paid in full. Students who take 12 credits over both Summer sessions are eligible for financial aid. Scholarship information will be given at information meetings.

Contemporary German Dance requires a minimum of 10 participants with paid deposits by TBD. Otherwise, the program will be cancelled and the application fee refunded. Information meetings will be held in October in the fall semester prior to a study year, and in January and April in winter semester of the year of the trip.
German Contemporary Dance in Berlin
Number of Credits4 (Tuition not included in program cost)
Program CostTBD
Application deposit$300, due by TBD
Meals not included$400, all breakfasts included 
Books and suppliesN/A
Extra costs$700, passport, personal incidentals