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Future Graduate Students

Thank you for considering Oakland University, where we welcome students from all corners of the world. We offer more than 120 graduate degrees and are proud of the wide spectrum of research and other scholarly and creative activities made possible by the excellence of our faculty, students, facilities and institutional culture that is inclusive of all disciplines.

How to

 In addition to the general admission requirements and specific program requirements, International students also need:

For F-2 information click here.

The International Student Supplemental Application Packet (PDF)

 The International Student Supplemental Application includes the following:

  • Statement of Finances
  • A certified or notarized bank statement in U.S. dollars
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • An International Student Transfer Form (for students transferring from another US institution)
  • Official transcripts for all college-level coursework
  • English translation of transcripts not in English
  • International University Transcript Evaluation
    International university transcripts must be evaluated by a professional credential evaluation service. Many of our applicants use World Educational Services or Educational Credential Evaluators. Graduate programs requiring more detailed information may require an applicant to submit a course-by-course (or detailed) evaluation report rather than the general evaluation report. Official foreign transcripts will not be required by Oakland University since official transcripts must be submitted to the evaluation service.

For more information about international applicants admission requirements, please visit the Graduate Admission Policy in the catalog.

International students wishing to apply for an F-1 or J-1 student visa to attend Oakland University should submit application materials by the program AND international student deadlines . These  deadlines may be different  and international students should follow the earliest of the two deadlines.


General International Deadline Dates
Fall Semester (September)
May 1

Winter Semester (January)
September 1

Important Note: If the program to which you wish to apply is earlier than the above deadlines, you must submit all application materials by the program deadline.

View all general admission terms and application deadlines.



Estimated Tuition and Living Expenses 
Graduate programs at Oakland University normally require at least two calendar years for completion. At the present time, it is estimated that an unmarried international student’s tuition, living expenses, and health insurance for one academic year will total at least 33,982  U.S. dollars (USD). This total does not include living expenses for the periods when on-campus housing is closed, for any family members who will accompany the student, nor all round-trip transportation expenses between the student’s home country and Oakland University. The breakdown of these expenses in USD is as follows for each academic year:

DescriptionsGrad, MA, MS, PhDMBA & MACCMSITMPhysical Therapy
Tuition (out-of-state)$16,432$18,486$19,118$19,791
Living Expenses$13,341$13,341$13,341$13,341
School Supplies & Misc$2,516$1,756$2,778$3,756
Medical Insurance$1,693$1,693$1,693$1,693

 The above tuition and expenses are effective for the 2014-15 academic year (July 1, 2014–June 30, 2015). Tuition and expenses are based on an eight credit schedule for graduate students and a nine credit schedule for MBA (per semester). To estimate expenses for an academic year beyond 2014-15, add an additional 10 percent of the total in order to cover anticipated increases. All tuition and expenses are subject to change at the discretion of Oakland University.

Add 6,500 USD (including insurance) per year for the first dependent and 3,400 USD per year for each additional dependent who will accompany you. (A dependent is a spouse of any age or a child 20 years of age or younger.)

Special Note: Tuition shown above is subject to change at the discretion of the university.


English language proficiency
International applicants, other visa holders, permanent residents, and exchange students whose native language is not English must submit the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language / Internet Based Test) as proof of English language proficiency. The TOEFL is administered worldwide by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The TOEFL scores must be two years old or less at the time of the applicant’s intended enrollment at Oakland University.

Minimum proficiency requirements


TOEFL (Paper): 550

TOEFL (Computer): 213

TOEFL (Internet):79



 IELTS: 6.5










24 transferable credits, excluding ESL course work from a U.S. community college or baccalaureate institution



baccalaureate or master’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college/university



one year of study at and a diploma from a U.S. high school

Some programs at Oakland University may require a higher level of proficiency than listed above. Applicants should examine the program description for their field of study for information about additional English proficiency requirements and furnish proof as part of the admission process.

View the full English Language Proficiency policy in the graduate catalog.

Visit the English as a Second Language Center.

Students interested in transferring from a graduate program at another institution to Oakland University must complete the online Application for Admission and meet the same admission requirements as any other graduate applicant. 

Upon admission, previous graduate coursework will be evaluated by a faculty adviser to determine transfer to Oakland University. A maximum of nine credits may transfer to the OU graduate program. Students should be familiar with the  Course Content and Course Waiver Substitution policy and consult with their faculty adviser. 


International applicants already studying in U.S.

International applicants who are presently in the United States on a student status may be required to provide a statement from the International Student Adviser at their current institution. International students who do not enroll during their indicated semester of admission must submit an application to update at least eight weeks prior to the start of the term (fall or winter) in which they wish to enroll.

To learn more, visit the Transfer Credit section in the graduate catalog.

Every student who wishes to enter the U.S. in F-1 status is issued an I-20 with a unique Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) identification number. 

Speak with the international student adviser at your current school to request that your SEVIS record will be electronically released from your current school to Oakland University. Once the SEVIS record is released and all other admissions materials have been submitted and accepted, your file is sent to the ISSO where we will process and send you your new I-20. 

If you admitted late and are not traveling outside of the United States, a new I-20 will be available at the mandatory orientation or during the first week of the semester. Discuss your travel plans with your international student adviser at the transferring school so that an appropriate "transfer out" date and new I-20 issuance can be coordinated to facilitate your travel.

Transfer SEVIS record after graduation

F-1 students: You are eligible to request a SEVIS record transfer during the 60-day grace period following your program completion. If you are authorized for OPT you can request a SEVIS record transfer during your OPT period and within the 60-day grace period following your OPT expiration date.

J-1 students: Please consult your international student adviser.

OPT authorization

If you are currently authorized for OPT, choose carefully when deciding what date you would like your SEVIS record transferred to your new school. OPT authorization ends on the "transfer out" date, even if the EAD card is not yet expired. If you plan to work between programs while on OPT, coordinate with your international student adviser at both schools to determine an appropriate "transfer out" date.

  • Students who are admitted and have submitted all necessary documents to Oakland University.
  • Students who are currently maintaining their F-1or J-1 status either as a student or on Optional Practical Training (OPT). If your current SEVIS record is not active, please contact the ISSO before requesting the transfer of your non-immigrant status.
  • Students who begin the new program within five months of the end of the course of study at the current school or end of the authorized OPT period. Example: If you completed your bachelor's degree at your former school on May 14, you must request and receive a SEVIS transfer no later than July 13 and you must begin your new program no later than Oct. 13.
  • Students who have requested transfer no later than the end of the student’s grace period; otherwise the student is considered to be “out of status” and may have to apply for reinstatement
    • F-1 students: The SEVIS record has to be transferred within the 60-day grace period following your completion of study or practical training.
    • J-1 students: The SEVIS record has to be transferred within the 30-day grace period following your completion of study or academic training.
We will be unable to prepare a new I-20 or DS-2019 document for you until after you have completed study at your current school or you have completed any period of academic training (CPT/OPT) and your record has been released to Oakland University within SEVIS.