Laboratory Safety & Compliance

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Additional references

Government & professional resources:
  • ACS American Chemical Society
  • ABSA American Biological Safety Association
  • ASM American Society for Microbiology
  • MDEQ
  • EPA
  • CDC
  • NIH

Laboratory Safety & Compliance

Welcome to Laboratory Safety & Compliance!

Oakland University's Laboratory Safety and Compliance Program provides support and assistance in the following areas:

  • biological safety
  • bloodborne pathogen exposure control
  • chemical hygiene
  • hazardous materials and medical waste management
  • laser safety
  • nanotechnology safety
  • radiation and x-ray machine safety
  • robotics safety
  • shipping of biological and hazardous materials    

This site is intended to provide Laboratory Safety and Compliance information regarding policies and procedures, services, forms, manuals and applicable resources. It also provides links to local, state and federal regulatory agencies as well as professional organizations. And finally, this site will make available access to important up-to-date regulatory information to support researchers and laboratory employees in maintaining regulatory compliance and minimizing hazards to the OU community. 

Lab Volunteers: 
Any individual or enrolled student, who is not a University employee and will not receive any compensation, benefits or credit for a class is considered a volunteer. Volunteers will comply with University policy and complete all necessary training for any lab work they will be conducting.  All volunteers must sign a release form.