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Shipping of Biological & Hazardous Materials


There are many items that are regulated as Dangerous Goods including dry ice, infectious and biological substances and various chemical hazardous materials. The shipper and packager are directly responsible for the proper and compliant transport of Dangerous Goods by air. Federal rules require that anyone wishing to ship biological and hazardous materials, and/or dry ice must first have shipping training. If you are going to package biological materials or dry ice for shipment or complete a Declaration for Dangerous Goods form you must attend Oakland University’s training for the shipment of Biological and Hazardous Material. Fines and penalties may be imposed on individuals who fail to comply with the applicable rules including proper classification, identification, packaging, marking, labeling, permits, documentation, and emergency response. Training and shipping knowledge is crucial to ensure compliance. This is a mandatory course designed to fulfill performance-specific training requirements for employees sending, packaging or transporting Dangerous goods.


Required Training for Shippers and Packagers of Dangerous goods. This includes compliance with the IATA/ICAO requirements, as well as the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) and Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR). According to ICAO and IATA, initial and recurrent training programs are required by shippers and packagers as stated in US DOT HM 126(f).

Shipping regulations change frequently so it is necessary to repeat training certification every two years.