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Pawley Lean Institute and the Lean Learning Center Partnership

Pawley Lean Institute and the Lean Learning Center Partnership
Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson (School of Engineering and Computer Science student), completed the Lean Experience training session as part of the partnership between the Pawley Lean Institute and the Lean Learning Center.

The Pawley Lean Institute and the Lean Learning Center partnership continues to draw interest from Oakland University students. The Lean Learning Center has provided (6) training seats to its class, The Lean Experience™ training session, to Oakland University on an annual basis. The training seats can be used for any student (undergraduate or graduate) as selected from the School of Business (SBA), School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS), and School of Education and Human Services (SEHS). Currently, 10 students have taken advantage of this unique experience.

These seats are to be focused but not limited to students with Lean coursework or experience from the participating schools. Upon completion of the training class, certificates will be awarded by the Lean Learning Center.   Dennis Wade, Director of the Pawley Lean Institute, notes that “this is a great way to demonstrate working knowledge in a practical environment for our students participating in lean coursework. The ability to partner with a leader in applying lean concepts like the Lean Learning Center is a competitive advantage for our students as they seek employment in the workplace. We thank the Lean Learning Center for this generous gift, and look forward to the knowledge our students will gain in this focused training environment.”

Bill Artzberger, Partner, Lean Learning Center, added “The Lean Learning Center is extremely pleased to make this advanced training available to Oakland University students on a cost free basis to provide students with advanced practical experience as well as a unique opportunity to collaborate with organizations who are pursuing the lean journey. Sharing a common founder, Dennis Pawley, the Lean Learning Center has a long, proud association with the Pawley Lean Institute and Oakland University. We are looking forward to the expanded engagement with Oakland University students and hope this collaboration continues to expand our relationship.”

Wade adds that these awards are interdisciplinary in nature and that SBA, SECS, and SEHS are extremely excited to take advantage of this gift. For more information on the Pawley Lean Institute, visit For more information on the Lean Learning Center, visit

Designed to benefit Oakland University students, schools, nonprofits, government and industry, the Pawley Lean Institute (PLI) shares concepts and practices of Lean thinking to create leaders and learners in the university, public and private sectors, and the community.

The Lean Learning Center offers a comprehensive, skill-oriented curriculum based on the following assumptions:

  • Lean is about principles, rules, and concepts – not just tools.
  • Lean transformation is about learning and experimentation, not just project management.
  • Adults learn through experiences and dialogue, not just through books and lectures.