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Portfolio of Companies

Below is a partial list of the Macomb-OU Incubator’s client companies. Please check back for updates or contact us for more information.

401K GPS

Retirement Allocation Navigation

401K GPS is an online retirement investment advice platform that delivers timely, personalized and professional allocation recommendations directly to participants of employer-sponsored retirement plans. Offered only through registered investment advisors, 401K GPS helps participants overcome investing inertia and inexperience to get the most out of their retirement plan.


Smartphone Auto-Injector Platform

Alerje is creating an epinephrine auto-injector sized to fit into a smartphone case which communicates with a mobile app. During an anaphylactic medical emergency, the mobile app sends alerts to a user’s "CareCircle" (family, friends, caregivers, medical professional, etc.) that will include their current location, among other features.

AOT (Appointments on Time)

Cognitive Scheduling Management

Appointments On Time has developed a proprietary algorithm to predict no-shows in the medical industry which costs healthcare companies over $150 billion annually. This is accomplished by analyzing past patient behavior along with structured and unstructured data points to help physicians see more patients with fewer resources.

Automation of Things

Connected, Adaptable, Distributed

Automation of Things (AoT) is challenging the status quo and transforming how automation is realized in the era of digital industrial revolution and industry 4.0.  AoT offers FourZero, a software platform that allows engineers to create automation devices & systems that are connected, adaptable and flexible with distributed controls.

Blackbourne Worldwide

Hacking Intelligence & Security

Blackbourne Worldwide is a woman-owned business with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and unique hacking approaches and techniques. Their core business specializes in cybersecurity, excelling in cyber threat analysis, social intelligence, and security research and development. They offer 24/7/365 eyes-on security for networks, all while maintaining an affordable and dynamic platform for companies of all sizes. Blackbourne’s goal is to help your company achieve total security and complete peace of mind.

Coliant Group

Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing

Coliant Group, LLC is an award winning developer of several technologies including Rugged Electrix™, Microclimate Technology™, and Tailored Fiber Placement™ that primarily serves the automotive and powersport industries. More recently, they have deepened their relationship with the Department of Defense and are now in negotiations with companies in several industries including sporting goods and aerospace.

Commander Innovations

Innovative Protection Technologies

Commander Innovations matures innovative technologies that support U.S. advancement in the areas of safety and survivability, light-weighting automotive components, and the transitioning of commercial components to military and aerospace domains. They create solutions for systems, vehicles, platforms, equipment and humans which enhance protection and security in everyday operational applications.

Coupon Wallet

Mobile Coupon App

Redeem your coupons for discounts by taking the Coupon Wallet App with you to the store. You can also use Coupon Wallet to share coupons with your friends, post when they are used, and announce group shopping events. Coupon Wallet is designed to be the ultimate coupon shopping platform.


Making Mobile Easier

Dataspeed Inc. makes robots mobile and cars drive themselves. With a team of highly-sklled engineers, Dataspeed specializes in providing a turnkey solution in two areas: 1) collaborative robots and 2) autonomous vehicles. Founded in 2008, Dataspeed is re-inventing how the world moves – both with autonomous vehicles and mobile robotics.


Easy-Clean Bottles

Flipsi’s mission is to create superior reusable drinking bottles that meld perfectly with its customers’ lifestyles while at all times ensuring its bottles are safe, attractive, easy to use and effortless to clean. Flipsi designs and sells reusable bottles that flip inside-out for easy cleaning.

FPH Group

Proven Defense Provider

By working closely with customer supply chain and program and engineering departments, we look to provide design solutions to some of the more complex challenges our customers face. Often this involves providing a complete system or subassembly that addresses individually or in whole the weight, space claim, and power requirements.

HBS (Human Balance & Stability) Systems

Sustaining Human Energy

HBS Systems' patent-pending technology provides supports for balance and stability in standing. Their innovation addresses body sway to relax the human fascia to relieve tension in the core muscles. HBS Systems continues to pioneer innovations for balance and stability and is the leader in “Sustaining Human EnergyTM."


Home Monitoring Service

Perfect for seasonal homes, HouseSetter continuously monitors your home's vital signs - temperature, humidity and power status - immediately alerting you to small issues before they become big problems. Owners receive weekly updates and no Wi-Fi, internet or phone lines are required because HouseSetter uses Verizon's wireless network.


Advanced Engineering Solutions

Innovium is an engineering company with a focus on automation and bio-material development. Innovium designs, develops and manufactures special purpose machines as well as composite material using mechanically-extracted bamboo fibers and plastics. Used for injection molding, Innovium’s materials use less plastic while maintaining their strength.

LogiCoul Solutions

Turbocharge your Batteries

LogiCoul Solutions has patented technology which reduces internal resistance in Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries by sending modest power, short signals to the battery. The signal creates more energy transfer sites at the electrolyte/electrode interface, resulting in faster charging, cooler operation, and more energy per charge.

MangoTree Pro

Professional Relationship Management

MangoTree Pro will provide user driven, screened search of professionals and professional relationship management. The users will be consumers, business owners, and B2B and B2C institutional clients. The target scope for launch is professional categories of accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and real estate managers for the Detroit tri-county area.


Antimicrobial Products

Microcide developed platform technology using food grade ingredients for producing antimicrobial products for personal care, public health, food and agriculture industries through research and development. Both NASA for the space missions and the US Navy for use in the submarine fleet have selected PRO-SAN products for sanitizing fruits and vegetables.

Omni One

Diabetes Care Company

Diabetain™, a product of Omni One, LLC, is a pharmacist formulated, naturally-sourced over-the-counter supplement that has been extensively clinically tested to reduce blood sugar in both pre-diabetic and Type 2 diabetic patients.


Rehab, Rest & Recover

Spineapple is a healthcare technology web platform to facilitate Physical and Occupational Therapy services. Their mission is to provide PT and OT services with a high degree of care and convenience, to innovate for superior and efficient care delivery, and to add value to care centers through the latest technologies and processes.

Tracker Studio

Ideas Becoming Software

Tracker Studio works with individuals and businesses to create apps that track anything from customers, inventory and schedules, to habits and much more. Making a vision become a reality that benefits everyone who uses it gave us the vision to become a place where any person or business can have their ideas flourish and not just land - so that you too can find your next level.

URBN Technologies

Social Cyber Security

URBN Technologies, LLC was created to help upcoming companies from becoming victims of cyber-crime. URBN understands the strain of day-to-day business and how difficult it can be to develop a security-conscious enterprise. With years of practical experience, their certified consultants can keep your business safe from costly security breaches. Let URBN help you with your cyber safety.


Employee Engagement Software

VizBe is a guided whole-self goal setting and achievement platform that enhances company culture and employer branding. VizBe offers an employee engagement software program with optional implementation, training, best practices, data, reports as well as motivational speaking.


Joint Pain Relief

Zoesen LLC is a biotech company founded in Michigan. We propose to launch a new product that is scientifically formulated to be extensively used for repairing joint damage and boosting joint function. It contains joint-specific supplements that works as a stand-alone agent in a convenient topical cream form.